ED 20****in9

ED looks good but Robo should go to a chop shop. The one that Mcfarlane released is the best till this day.
That price is outta my budget. Especially with the WM wave and 2packs amd ML13 and DCDs and.....

............every damn thing else that has me under its spell. :(
You really thinking of getting it??? It does look cool, but eh.
It would go with my 12" Robocop.

And Rough, it's not a model kit.
probably only parts of it. Not a complete model and paint kit.
For you maybe. I could get 2 of the Black & White Batman statues I want plus have money to spend on other s***.

If I was an intense Robocop fan I'd get it, I'd have no choice. But I can live without it. Maybe one in scale with the McF Movie Maniacs Robocop would interest me.
I have a 6in battle damaged T-800 I'd trade you.
You have the Arnie version?? Or the Endoskeleton???

I have both

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