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Marvel Legends Series 13


Feb 13, 2006
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Ok, well it looks like ML 13 is finally starting to hit in some places. Guess what, Onslaught is barely taller than the Abomination. what kind of crap is that?


the abomination looks a little darker to me than the proto pics, but looks like a really sweet figure and looks even better.

The pictures worked before, I'm not sure why they aren't anymore. Anyway, go here to see them. Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures. I'm sure you'll see what i'm talking about.

And here is a pick of lady deathstrike. she is attempting to fly in this pic.


Here's Pyro with really dark arms for somereason...

Blackheart who looks really tall :)


And loki
I wasn't going to get Onslaught anyway. I was just going to get Abomination, Pyro, Green Goblin and Loki. I'll probably get rid of my Onslaught pieces.
I was looking forward to all of them and i'm impressed with all but pyro and lady deathstrike. I actually don't care too much about how short onslaught is since i hate that version of him. but i'd be upset if it were the cooler magneto helmet looking one.
Kable24 said:
I wasn't going to get Onslaught anyway. I was just going to get Abomination, Pyro, Green Goblin and Loki. I'll probably get rid of my Onslaught pieces.

Keep me in mind if you do decide to get rid of those pieces. I'll gladly take them off your hands if you want. :up:
They said onslought and mojo arent going to be big Just because of their proportions in the comic books. My ML 13 just came in today BTW :D
i dont know how crab-onslaught was proportion wise, but i remember the other one being one big bad ***.
I saw these.. I wanted Lady Deathstrike until I saw that those sleeves are pointing out and you cannot move them... looks silly!
i dont recall green goblins glider ever being a seat he sits on
and why the hell is pyros upper body so dark
i guess his upper body was a darker yellow, but damn, not that dark
lady death strike is the only one im disappointed with, huge ****ing arms
it looks like they tried to make lady deathstrike look ridiculous. I think you'd have to try to make something look so bad. what were they thinking? And pyro? wtf? The proto pick looked so much better. And i agree with you HCpirde about green goblins glider. I think i'm going to get an extra hobgoblin and give GG one of his gliders. But the figure itself looks great and i couldn't ask for anything better. and abomination, finally they listened to everyone about how small his first rendention was and made us one big bad ***. big as the BAF. abomination looks great and i'm very impressed with how he turned out. And i'm liking blackheart and loki a lot better than i thought i would.
still not really looking forward to loki b/c im not familiar with the character, but he is still a nice looking figure
and i think im gonna put my green goblin on the marvel select GG glider, i really like how that glider looked
either that or the original smc hobgoblin(demo-goblin) glider
havent decided if im gonna take down that hobgoblin or not after i get the new one
Says there are out in Canada.

I'm gonna do some digging and se if Western Canada got them too. If So I'm hotting WM.
Looks like only Eastern Canada.....I'll still check tomorrow.
well, i'm sure you guys will find something this week. if not WM legends, then at least you might find ML 13. good luck.
im going tonight. i'm going to find something so help me. I'm tired of all this driving around.
ya walmarts here have nothing yet.. and toys r us is stocked with galactus series... sooo its gonna be a bit

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