Batman Begins Edit with Danny Elfman´s B1989 music

Elfman's music is right for Burton's vision of Batman but it comes off cartoony for Batman Begins darker tone, maybe replacing Elliot Goldenthal's music in BF and B&R would be better.
I agree, just didn't sound right. It worked fine with Burton's movies but not with Batman Begins.
Meh, it sounded ok, but seemed out of place. I agree with replacing the BF and B+R music with it though...
Hopefully TDK score will be A HUGE IMPROVEMENT like by a huge leap over MT. Everest. That way people won't have mix Elfman's music to TDK like they did with BB on YouTube. By the way I doubt the score for TDK will be better because Zimmer is still on board with the help of his team of chefs.
nice touch! I love both movies' scores. But i am ahuge Elfman fan!

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