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Evil dead ultimate 3 disc edition

superkong 500

Dec 14, 2005
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Well I know that evil dead has been relased in dvd a billion times however I don't think there has been a really extensive definitive edition i nterms of special features, now there might even be another editio in the future but this
edition has a healthy amount of special features plus the movie in both wide and full screen. plus the featurette from the book of the dead edition.

the specs are:Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition (Disc One)
Widescreen Presentation
One By One We Will Take You: The Untold Saga Of THE EVIL DEAD(which includes interviews with eli roth, edgar wright and others talking about the influence of evil dead on the horror genre and genre filmakers and the problems and challenges of making and releasing the film: 1 hour)
Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Sam Raimi and Producer Robert Tapert

Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition (Disc Two)
Full-Frame Presentation
THE EVIL DEAD: Treasures From The Cutting Room Floor
Audio Commentary with Star Bruce Campbell

Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition (Disc Three)
Life After Death: The Ladies Of THE EVIL DEAD
The Ladies Of THE EVIL DEAD Meet Bruce Campbell
Discovering THE EVIL DEAD
At The Drive-In
Reunion Panel
Make-Up Test
TV Spots
Still Gallery
Poster & Memorabilia Gallery

it also includes the poster

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