Evil Obsessions: The Annie Cook Story

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Apr 20, 2004
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Has anyone read this book? It's a haunting read

filmmakers finalize a two-year plan to make a long-awaited, often-rumored movie about the troubled side of North Platte, Nebraska, during the early part of the 20th century -- the days when prostitution, drugs, gambling and booze were prevalent and an evil woman named Annie Cook profiteered. The story of Cook’s crimes and obsessions was meticulously told in the book Evil Obsession.
The powerful story of good and evil captured the attention of Jon Robinson, a California writer. He suggested to friend and film director Robert Manciero that they make a movie. Final plans should be set in July and filming could begin in late fall.
It will be a full-length feature film. They have an executive producer who has put together an investment group and the budget is just about set. He said they both want to film most if not all the movie on location in Lincoln County.
It is a North Platte and Lincoln County story about those who suffered and who survived, Robinson said. “It is a very compelling human experience in which people were harmed terribly,” he said. “It is a story of an organized crime operation that was well in place even before prohibition.”
The criminal underworld perfected many practices in the early 1900s, in places such as North Platte, Nebraska, rather than the big cities of Chicago or New York, Robinson said.
The story also shows that women have as much criminal potential as men, and very sophisticated crimes arise in out of the way places. On the positive side, no matter how corrupt a town has been, the story shows the town can survive and good people can take it back from the underworld.

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