Factory Robot Kills Human Worker


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Jun 18, 2011
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CNN) An automotive assembly line robot mortally injured a worker at a car factory in Germany this week, a prosecutor's office said.

The man, 21, was installing the robot at a Volkswagen assembly line on Tuesday in Baunatal, which lies next to the city of Kassel, local newspaper the Hessiche Niedersaechsische Allgemeine reported, citing a VW spokesman. The robot gripped him and pressed up him against a metal plate, crushing his chest.

Despite efforts to revive him, the worker, an employee of a third-party vendor, later died in hospital, the paper reported.

As a matter of procedure necessary to have the body released in cases of non-natural death, the state prosecutors' office said it is investigating to rule out any criminal culpability.
First, condolences. Any loss of life, is a sad, sad thing. And this is a tragedy.

Secondly, it has begun:
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As soon as I saw the title the T2 theme popped into my head. If anyone needs me I'll be in my bunker.

Stolen from nite-owl in the LOL pics thread.
I saw that on Facebook and thought it was hilarious. I'm sure the million or so people who sent her Terminator jokes thought they were being hilarious too. :o
That is creepy as ****.
Had they programmed it with Asimov's laws this all could have been avoided
Keep that mess in Germany.
As soon as I saw the title the T2 theme popped into my head. If anyone needs me I'll be in my bunker.

I get first dibs on rat meat and actual-fire-inside-TV-to-warm-me
If that mother****er wasn't even turned on, I'm done. These things are self aware at that point.

Off topic, I like that the worker is referred to as "human", as opposed to to one of the other robot workers.
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The death was caused by human error, not some kind of sentient robot or malfunctioning robot or robot-anything. It's a tragedy and unintentionally funny the woman who posted the tweet had Sarah O'Connor as a name, although it is odd she's never seen any of the Terminator movies or even knows what Skynet is.
thats what i was going to say - its almost as if they killed this guy just to publicize the new Terminator movie

There always seems to be strange coincidences like this. Art imitates life and so forth.

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