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Fartman movie Discussion


Jun 25, 2004
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Before Howard went on vacation he said some very interesting things about the ideas they had for this movie and it sounded very funny. I believe he said New Line was ready to make the movie and they had a script and everything but things kind of changed gears and he ended up making Private Parts instead.

Now that the superhero thing is so much more present in Hollywood these days I wonder if Stern might still get back to this. Once he's settled in at Sirius and everything.

What would you like to see in it? Who do you think would be a good director?

Should he have a fartmobile? Tomorro I'll see if I can find the audio of the discussion he was having about the movie the other week. It did actually sound pretty funny.
If I remember correctly he is in discussions for a movie once he moves to sirius. Could be Fartman or a sequel to Private Parts which seems kind of moot now since he is divorced from Allison.
Why could he not do a sequel to Private Parts just because he got divorced?

I wish he'd do sort of a "semi-sequel" to Private Parts, perhaps direct to DVD or something. More of a documentary, with reenactment segments mixed in. About the last 6-7 years. About his divorce, his "single months", Jackie leaving the show, Artie joining the show and Artie himself (who could reenact his life story in like a hilarious 5 minute montage), 9-11 and Howard's shows during it and the following days, the Stuttering John / Cabbie fight, Stuttering John leaving the show and going to Leno, and that spuring Howard's anti-Leno crusade, and most importantly the "Indecency" Witchhunt and 2004 election, the misinformation campaign about him and the media parroting the religious right's lies, and the 2004 election and his decision to go to Sattelite.

I think this would all work best in a semi-documentary format. I dunno if Howard should narrarate it or not.
Fart Jokes? Yeah, that's never been done before. Sounds like a winner to me.
Howard Stern’s infamously flatulent superhero, Fartman now stenching up In Demand ‘s HOWARD TV Channel. Originally a potential finalist in the Howard Stern Film Festival, but disqualified merely for using professional SAG (Screen Actors Guild) actors, Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass, has been picked as one of In Demand’s favorite films and is now available for the first time to the free smelling world on their HOWARD TV Channel.

Written by Joe Tyler Gold and Tammy Caplan, and directed by Caplan, the film indulges in an array of hysterically tasteless flatulence humor, with fart special effects created by artist Alexander Enberg, (frequent actor on Star Trek: Voyager), while introducing a brand new villain, Tight Ass, who has the ability to squeeze weapons out of his –(you guessed it) at will.

Among those professional SAG actors that dampened the film’s bid for victory in the Howard Stern Film Festival, but nonetheless contribute immensely to its flatulent success, are Kevin Fabian (Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, Will & Grace), Tania Getty, Stephen Wastell (Law & Order, The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde), Neil McGowan, Rebecca Crandall, and Joe Tyler Gold, who most recently starred in Gold Cap Films’ feature Never Say Macbeth. Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass can now be seen throughout the United States and Canada on In Demand ‘s HOWARD TV Channel at a home entertainment system in front of you.

I'm a Howard fan...even got Sirius when he made his move....but some of his ideas are just bloody awful. I would hope an animated series is as far as this goes. A theatrical release is another story..but I would watch an animated show.
Oh great......who really cares about Fartman these days? he tried to make a movie a decade ago and nobody cared about it then when Howard Stern was at the height of his popularity.
You can now view a trailer at www.fartmanmovie.com

Hope you guys I enjoy it. We worked really hard on this film.


- Joe Gold

Fartman: Caught in a Tight Ass

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