Favorite British Sitcoms?

Dr. Evil

Nov 28, 2002
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Do you have any favorite British Sitcoms? If so what are your favorites?

My list:

Red Dwarf
Father Ted
Black Adder
Fawlty Towers
The Office (my new favorite, since I am just now getting the show on my PBS Station)
Coupling rules all! Jeff is awesome.
But the ones you mentioned are good as well.
Also Vicar of Dibley & Only Fools and Horses
The Mighty Boosh
Red Dwarf
Only fools and horses
Black Adder
Phoenix Nights
The Office.
The only ones I've seen are Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Father Ted, and The Office, all which are great series'. Extras isn't as good as The Office, but it's stll a very funny, quaint and charming series. I've seen a couple episodes of Absolutely Fabulous, and Fawlty Towers. I've never seen Coupling or Men Behaving Badly, which I hear are incredibly funny.

Oh, a friend of mine got me Me and You and Everyone We Know with Alan Partridge, and I thought it was awesome. A new fave.

On a related note, I found this site that has torrents for various British comedy shows. For those that are familiar with the titles, which do you recommend I download?

To Wallcrawl:

Porridge: Stars Ronnie Barker as a prison cell mate. quite an old sitcom but funny never the less.

The Fast Show: It's a sketch show rather than a sitcom but it is HILARIOUS. Just as funny as Little Britain.

The League of Gentleman: Another sketch show but it's just so gruesome, wierd and hilarious.
I tried to watch The league of gentleman, but it was soooo disgusting I just couldnt watch it
Red Dwarf
Fawlty Towers
The Vicar of Dibley
Keeping Up Appearences
Monty Python's Flying Circus
The Thin Blue Line
Only Fools and Horses
Open All Hours
Vicar of Dibley
Fawlty Towers
Keeping Up Apperances
And Little Britain(If that's a sitcom)
Red Dwarf
Black Adder
Mighty Boosh
Game On
Black Books
Father Ted
The New Statesman
The league (early series)
Coupling is probably my favorite.
I think The Office is probably the funniest tv show I've ever seen.
2 things
1.Monty Python and Benny Hill are sketch comedy shows and don't count.
2. Father Ted, while hilarious, is Irish and not British and doesn't count.

Are you being Served
Faulty Towers
My Family
Keeping up apperances
Young ones
lars573 said:
Father Ted, while hilarious, is Irish and not British and doesn't count.

While the show's subject and creators are Irish, I think there's enough about it that's British to let it slide. Mathews and Linehan did not originally pitch the series to the Irish network RTÉ, but rather offered it directly to Hat Trick Productions and Channel 4 in the UK. Channel 4 is a station that is not officially available in Ireland. All the interior scenes were shot at the LWT studios in London, was paid for and shot by a British broadcaster.
Fawlty Towers
Keeping Up Appearances
Are You Being Served
Vicar of Dibley

My Hero was really goofy, but fun.
As Time Goes By, but that's more because I like Judi Dench as an actress.

I have a question for British Hypesters: was/is The Vicar of Dibley that popular there? I mean among people who like British TV it is popular here (US), but many other people I know who have seen it don't really like it. I just have trouble imagine a show like that (endearing, provincial) being a commonly popular sitcom popular sitcom in the mid-90s.
My Hero
Are You Being Served
Mr. Bean
As Time Goes By
Keeping Up Appearances
Monty Python: Flying Circus
Absolutley Fabulous
Red Dwarf
I'm Alan Patridge
The Office
Only Fools & Horses
Father Ted
Mr Bean
I recently watched all of Peep Show and Saxondale, and I thought they were great. Really good fun. I'm looking for more british comedies, and I came across the names of these shows:

Two Pints of lager and a Packet of Crisps
Thick of It
Nighty Nights
Monkey Dust
Black Books

I'm not familiar with any of them, so I was hoping a someone could tell me a little more about them, and whether any of them are recommended.

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