Favorite "Inspired By" Song


Batterson J. Manford III
Sep 8, 2007
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I'm going to have to go with "Signal Fire."

If you are going to say none, or anything to that effect, please leave :o .
I love Signal Fire.

The music video to it is so cute with the little kids doing the Spider-Man play.
The music video to it is so cute with the little kids doing the Spider-Man play.
Yeah, I especially like the part where the spider steals Spidey's kiss with MJ.
Signal Fire, easily.

The Killers = OVERRATED-MANIA :o
Signal Fire
I couldnt stand any of the other songs.
Yep, Signal Fire. Hands down.

Though a really interesting poll would be, which do you prefer; Hero, Vindicated or Signal Fire?
I voted Signal Fire

Dark-Spidey, that'd be a cool poll - I would pick Vindicated because it fits this movie as well as the second.
Signal Fire easily takes the cake here. It's a great song whether it was inpired by or not.

I kinda liked the Wolfmother one too, but Signal Fire's the best.
Out of the ones on the poll,Signal Fire is my favourite :yay:
Out of the whole trilogy/soundtracks, Vindicated is my favourite :hyper:
Signal Fire. Sure, I like the other songs, but this one's my favorite.
Signal Fire, an very emotional and great song.

Out of all three?


Just b/c it takes me back to 2002, when Spider-Man was coming out, and it was such an amazing summer...and great time in my life, skipping school to see the movie for the first time. Then seeing it again that night with my g/f.

Vindicated though, is a great song too and really connects w/ Spidey 2, it would of probably been a better song in the long run for 3 though.
Michael Buble's Spider-Man knocks them all out of the park ;)
I like the violin lady's "Spider-Man". :woot:
For Spider-Man 3? Mine would be "Signal Fire". Of the 3 movies though, my favorite is Michael Buble's "Spider-Man" theme.
When I hear all the songs I'll get back to you.
I liked "Hero" & "Ordinary" & "Vindicated" wasn't that bad either. I wonder why Vindicated never made it onto the Spider-Man 2 dvd release?
"Vindicated" was on Spider-Man 2 DVD.
I like most of the songs on the soundtrack (in fact, I think it's my favorite of the three).

"Signal Fire" is my favorite track, though. It's such a pretty song. The music video is so adorable, too.
I never liked any of the music on the Spider-Man soundtracks, the only music from the movies I love are musical scores.
"Vindicated" was on Spider-Man 2 DVD.

Yeah the "Vindicated" song played over the end credits but the video of "Vindicated" wasn't on the dvd.
Signal Fire, the Jet one and the Wolfmother one were pretty dope.

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