World Finished Superman Animated Parasite Maquette



Just Finished my latest Maquette or Parasite:

I had some problems photographing Parasite with my Canon Digital Camera... the magenta color is so overpowering that the digital camera pixelizes in a weird way... If anyone has a suggestion and knows what I'm talking about, please shoot me an e-mail. The photograph I took does not do the maquette justice.

I almost have Hal Jordan Completed and I'm also working on Bizarro at the same time. I was working on Baby Doll from the Batman Animated show but put her on hold because I wanted to kick out a bunch of Superman Maquettes for the 2009 SDCC.

I also Finished sketches of Aaron Eckhart as Two-face and Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow sketches. You can also check them out below.

I don't know you at all or if you are a professionnal but it's an awesome work there ! WOW !
Congratulations. It is, IMHO, flawless and beautiful !

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