Finland creates Scariest PSA Commercial In The World


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Feb 21, 2005
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A Finish Charity has created the scariest Anti-Drinking PSA in the world today according to CNN.

Thats one way to traumatise children I suppose :wow:
This would be a seriously creepy film, it almost seems like a short that could inspire a feature length movie lmaol.
Meh. My almost always drunk uncle made me laugh growing up as a child. Always looked forward to seeing him at family parties.
Yeah, unless it gets genuinely abusive, young children tend not to notice the negative effects of alcoholism.
Yeah I didn't really realize he was drunk till later
I dunno, i've seen better anti drinking ads.

Like these:


Anti-drinking anything rarely works because it's such a common practice in society. Somebody has to literally die before they realize they have a problem when it comes to liquor.
Hobo Santa wants to make sure your wrapped up
Finland seems to have some serious issues with Santa. Hobo pedo Santa from this commercial...

Evil demon santa

and giant monster santa
both are from the awesome finnish film Rare Exports in which miners finds a frozen evil entity in a mountain, that seems to be the Santa Claus. I can highly recommend it :D
o, ok good. I had a screenplay idea for a horror movie featuring the krampus, so when I saw that pic I was like "god damn it, there goes that idea," lol.
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I've seen some work safety ads that are pretty gruesome. There was this one with a chef narrating. We see her walking with a pot of boiling water. She mentions that she should've cleaned up a grease spill. As she's walking she slips. She lands on her back and screams as the pot of boiling water falls over her. You see some smoke rising from her skin and screaming.
My favorite PSA is the domestic abuse one with the coffee. It's so over the top, one can't help but to laugh.
I like the kid on the basketball court, he looks more pissed than scared.

"Are you ****ing kidding me. You are wearing THAT to my game?"
The hell did i just see?
That texting and driving PSA from the UK always gets me.
I think I'll be going as an alcoholic for Halloween now

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