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First Three Minutes of Postal.

Wow, this looks crappy. But that's a compliment for Uwe :up:
Holy crap. How can you say that. This is the first comedy in forever that isn't based on neurotic (aggressively jewish) aging men falling in love with a much younger, much more attractive woman.

This is an 80's style Naked Gun, Hotshots kind of comedy that's much lighter in it's delivery. I have an appreciation for black humor (I know you do too) and the combination worked really well for the opening scene.
I'm gonna go see it. :huh:

(you're probably talking to GF though :cmad:)
I've always felt it was wrong to joke about tragic events WHF, and this is no different. How could you laugh at such a thing? :csad:
I'm gonna go see it. :huh:

(you're probably talking to GF though :cmad:)

I was, but yeah.

I'm sure the movie will be "crappy" in the sense that Scary Movie 3 was a "crappy" movie, but it's comedy will redeem it, I trust. Just as Leslie Nielsen's comedy saved that otherwise crap-awful movie. :word:
That was, in a word, lame. Uwe Boll just needs to shoot himself in the face.

And on a side note, why is this thread in the games section?
Ewwwwww, I read the title and thought it would be a sequel to Falling Down
Gamera supports terrorist movies, what a surprise.
I thought it was pretty funny. In poor taste, yes, but I've laughed at much worse. It might give it a rental, maybe (it's still Uwe after all).
The moment at the very end where everyone in the cabin is just screaming "AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" is priceless. :D

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