Five things that you really dislike -

Know One

Oct 30, 2012
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1-Rolling the pennies
2-Cleaning the oven
3-Shining my shoes
4-Putting the pillowcase over the pillows
5-Trying to find a number 5 to this thread that I should've left to 4...
1. Getting up in the morning
2. Failures in the justice system
3. People who look down on me
4. Waiting
5. Rejection
1. Getting up early in the morning
2. Being treated like I'm stupid
3. Being broke
4. Ignorance in its many forms
5. Being ignored
1. Full-grown adult women who text during movies
2. Religious proselytizing
3. Sanctimonious adventure tourists
4. Being powerless to help the working poor
5. SW fans who are still harping about how the next Star Wars movie should be about the EU, without realizing the EU was just pulp-fiction mediocrity
1) Know One
2) hopefuldreamer
3) Schlosser85
4) Pink Ranger
5) RockSP :argh:
1) Lies
2) Deception
3) Hypnosis
4) Brain washing
5) Badly told stories ridiculously overrated for being well written stuff
1) Ants. Motherfreaking ants.
2) Thieves.
3) Drunks.
4) When the rival team makes a goal at the last freaking second and we can't reverse the score.
5) Ignorance.
1. BAD drivers!
2. Bad manners/rude people
3. People who eat with their mouth open (smack, smack, SMACK! to the side of head)
4. Cleaning my house
5. Working (why can't I win the lottery?)

adding one that comes to mind
6. Gossipy/clique type of "people"
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No particular order of loathing...
1. Participation Trophy For All = No Winners or Losers
2. People allowing themselves to be sheep and following without question.
3. Political Correctness.
4. Acceptance of the word "Free" in advertising/culture.....nothing is free someone pays.
5. People who confuse conviction with close mindedness.
In no real order...

Working retail
People who think I'm weird because I don't socialize with others
Being broke
1. Getting up the mornings
2. Favoritism
3. Smoking
4. Racism
5. Mondays

6. Working
7. Being Broke

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