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Aug 23, 2012
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I have FL Studio Producer Edition. I bought Miroslav Philharmonik to install into FL Studio. I have never used VSTs or anything special to plug into FL Studio. Can someone help me please I'm completely lost. I have to cds that came with Miroslav. One says installer disc. The other says sounds disc. The instructions are useless.

Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance
Put in the installer disc and when it prompts you, put in the CDs. When you want to patch a specific VST library, you have to have that disc inserted (unless you either copy over the libraries or create images of the discs).
Ok thanks. So far I now have it Miroslav up and I now put in the sounds disc. How do I get the sounds to show up in FL studio? DO I have to compress the files? I'm not computer savy
Navigate to your FL install folder, open Plugins>VST and paste a copy of your VST player's .dll here. Afterwords, you should be able to refresh your plugins in FL Studio. You might have to browse to it from FL Studio's plugin menu the first time though.
I can't get it. Are there any stores you think I can take it to to have them do it for me?

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