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Flame of Recca


Dec 9, 2007
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It's a ninja anime that was made wayyyyyyyyy before Naruto showed up. In comparison to Naruto, Flame of Recca is a lot more ninja authentic in terms of action and clothing design and execution of techniques.

The format, characterization, and style is heavily influenced by Yuu Yuu Hakusho, though far from being what you can call a rip off. It has a great cast of characters where each member of Team Hokage represent an earth element. Recca being fire; Fuuko being wind; Domon being earth; Mikagami being water; and Kaoru representing formlessness. Each character also has their own distinct relic that is the source of their elemental powers.

The villains are pretty cool themselves. The main villain is a businessman named Mori Kouran, but his main henchman, Kurei, as well as his own personal sideshow freaks for goons will be fighting the battles and they have their own distinctive characteristics to them as well.

The TV series is good, but the manga is much more deeper and takes it farther.......as usual with a majority of animes based on mangas.
that sound good i must checkit out thank you paraparajmo
I watched the anime and loved. Never read the manga though
I believe it's around 40 episodes, but goes very little into the manga.

There is a game on PS2 called "Final Burning," and they do have some anime clips done by the same studio and re-united the seiyuu cast. They even put the manga ending into anime form that way.

The anime implies that Kurei, Recca's half-brother dies at the end, but in the manga, he comes back proving he lives and becomes a good guy.
wow even from what little ive heard about this it doesnt sound too bad
Yeah, I hear some bad reviews of Recca all the time. I don't understand why. Mostly because it follows a small portion of the manga....and I'm assuming the people who review Recca are Narutards.

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