The Dark Knight Found song called "The Dark Knight". Relevant?


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Apr 18, 2007
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Ok, so here's the story. Just got a bunch of trailer music from my friend. While searching through a folder of music, I found this song flat out titled "The Dark Knight". It's by the group Groove Addicts and it's supposedly from the album "Full Tilt Volume 2". They specialize in music for trailers. The beginning sounds very Begins like, though the chorus is much different. Was it inspired by Begins? Is it somehow related to the Dark Knight? Why is it called The Dark Knight? Anyways, here's a link:
That's an interesting find. It does sound very similar to Begins, but it has a more ominous feeling to it. Hard to say if this could be officially related to the TDK movie or not though. I really like it in any case.
Sounds kinda like Zimmer


Think.. the rock score... sounds similar... Zimmer has a style he repeats alot...
wow thats really cool, and it does sound very begins like. If that were his new "theme" we have been reading about I could totally handle that.
I would doubt its actually from Zimmer, its by Groove Addicts but it could somehow be inspired by it
Thats really tight. If thats in the movie then I will be totally cool with it...
i played this in windows media player it says its from groove addicts.. something called full tilt volume 2. this sounds more like a military song then batman.. i like it tho..
this sounds a lot like Transformers. They copied BB quite a lot.
Well i liked the TF soundtrack a lot. I especially liked the use of chorus. It gave an epic feel to it. I really like "arrival to earth" and "optimus vs megatron" precisely for that. Download it you guyz! :woot:

I even imagine the latter (particularly the climax at the end) being used for batman. Imagine the justice league leveled and batman landing in front of darkseid (not to stop him of course, but to stall him and inspire the goddamn superman to pick himself up and fight) and the music playing ***ing loud!!! DAMN! batgasm!

PS: dont like the song of this thread. seriously
The link doesn't exist on that page anymore, and I didn't even get a chance to listen. Could someone produce a new workable link to it, please?
I put it in does anyone know a better place and Ill put it there
Not bad...but 100% fake.

I dont get why people are saying its fake. Its a real song by a real group, just titled The Dark Knight. Thats what it was titled on the OFFICIAL cd. Its probably just inspired by begins and was titled that before that was made the official name of the new movie

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