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Discussion in 'PC' started by MoPlaYa, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Looking to find some good free MMOs. Any suggestions?
    Im currently playing Marvel Heros.
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    Star Wars The old Republic. There is a "free 2 play "mode, though many now call them Freemiums and Pay to Win games. It is limited to what you can do, but you can still play the game.

    Star wars The Old Republic Limits include
    -You can't talk to anyone in chat window until you are level 10. This can be a pain if you are stuck and need help.
    -If you are a Jedi knight you can't customize your T7 droid, you are stuck with the white color. This then puts a target on you when you have t7 as your companion since now everyone knows you are one of them F2pers.
    -Credit limit of 200,000. So you can't buy anything that cost more than that. Many players have millions of credits so you feel the burden once you get to level 40 or so.
    -Quick travel takes much longer to load. This can be a pain if you are in a group that has just finished a mission, those who pay can use the quick travel at any time and will travel back to camp. But f2pers can only use it every couple hours or so. So get ready to walk a lot.. and a lot... and a lot... Your teammates will hate you for taking so long. "Use you quick travel Noob!!!".... "I can't!".. *cries*
    -Limit on what you can buy. A lot of things I see at vendors I can't buy because of F2P mode.
    -Limit on the items you can receive when completing a mission. So you'll have a choice between for example which of the 3 items to have.
    -limit to how many items you can carry in your inventory. This can be a pain since I am constantly running to the vender to sell stuff because it will fill up quickly.
    -Can't get a speeder until level 25. This is a pain when you are a level 20 running around large areas when players who are levels lower than you zip by you on theirs.
    -Can't trade. So if you accidentally "need" something during a flashpoint you can't trade it to the one who goes "WTF!!? Why Would you need that! Trade it to me! Oh he is a dirty F2per Noob! Damn you!"
    -You loose experience points at level 20. So basically if you have any friends who pay for the game, but you complete a bunch of missions with them you'll notice they level up much faster than you.
    -You loose friends because you take too long to level up. Every single friend I made was always at or below my level however over time
    my friends who subscribed always got several levels ahead of me.. I used to play everyday for hours and hours. Yet they still beat me even though they played less.
    -limited to only two power slot rows. this can be a problem after level 20 since you fill up the slots very quickly. Subscribers are allowed to have four. So basically you have to pick and choose what to place in your power slots and what to throw out. Sometimes I have to throw out my speeder and other powers. So instead of clicking on the speeder to have it activated instantly I have to go up into the menu and select it there instead to have it activated.
    -Can't hide your hat/helmet. As a Jedi Sage I had very ugly hats. But I needed to keep the ugly thing on all the time since it gave me a lot of defense points.
    -limited to how many items you can take from flashpoint missions.
    -No access to your cargo hold. So if you have a lot of items in your inventory you want to keep you can't. You'll have to either sell them or delete them.
    -You can't create more than 2 characters. I have a Jedi Sage and a Jedi Knight. As a F2p I now can't create a solider or smuggler character, or any of the Empire characters.
    -You are very limited on what type of species you can be. Because of this I mostly always see human characters everywhere. Because everyone wants to play for free.
    -And you can't switch to a different server. Is your server low on traffic? tired of waiting for players to join missions? well you are stuck in that server for F2p.
    -Can't change your name( by not being able to switch servers.) once you switch a server you can change your name. So if you messed up on your name you either have to delete your character or pay a subscription and switch to another server.
    -Can't level up beyond level 50. Highest level is level 60.
    -Can't enjoy content without always dying in areas level 50-60. So
    you miss out on a lot of story content between 50-60. You might survive in areas with level 52-53. But past 54 you are in trouble!
    -You can't search to see who is online in your area. So on the top it will say 40 players are on Nar Shadda. But you are not allowed to see who those players are.
    -You get automatically kicked out of guilds if you are signed off for too long.
    -Can't do any of the Operation missions
    -You can't equip any of the purple items. Which are very awesome items. They are the best items of the game. They include weapons, armor and upgrades.
    -Eventually people will know you are a free to player by the way you look. I think there is also other indicators that other players know if you are a f2per.
    - f2per discrimination. Some players won't want you in their groups or in their guilds if you are a f2per. Even if you are a high up level and are not a noob. They know you can't have any purple items so they see you as the weakest player.

    What you DO get is the complete story content between level 1-50 and the means to survive that content.

    there are probably more limitations, I just can't think of them right now.

    There is also Star Trek online and Lord of the Rings Online. They also have a free to play mode. Not sure what type of limits they have.
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