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G.I.Joe Live Action Movie Intel from Toy Fair


Dec 3, 2004
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*CGI imagery: Scenes of Neo Vipers in red costumes shooting rockets at the Joes in a battle scene in a downtown city!

*Duke & another team member shown in Sigma Style powersuits in a battle scene going through the city, battling the Neo Vipers!

*All kinds of concept art for vehicles shown! - Sharc & many others! All look incredible....ESPECIALLY THE NIGHT RAVEN!

*Destro's MARS Base Shown!

*A Firebat Concept (?) was shown

*Updated version of the G.I.Joe Polar Battle Bear!

*Hi Tech shown inside of a Command Vehicle

*Concept art of Scarlett's Uniform shown via CGI, and looked GREAT!

*Really excited about Cast & Crew, The entire team behind the scenes is doing it right, listening to the fans and making sure that a lot of effort goes in to the film! It's going to BLOW EVERYONE AWAY!

*Pictures of Baroness' vehicle shown!

*No one will be dissapointed with the updated look of the classics!

Sigma 6 and powersuits?!?


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