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Early Garfield strips were humorous. The cartoon was ok. The Opera episode was classic. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the movie...s.
Garfield had some funny ones but alot of the strips were hardly that funny. Also the animation adds a different layer to it. Jon just looks like a *****e.
Yeah the strip was always the best. I'm kind of sad the movie didnt turn out so well
comic strips rocked more. I didn't even bother seeing the movie cause I heard it wasn't the greatest.
The movie was lame . also odie was real but garfield was cgi , it was odd.
I own Saga Game Gear and it came with a Garfield game. It was cool... I hardly play SGG anymore. Its old school.
Well thats stupid, if Oldie was real, then how come Garfield wasn't?? Idiots.
I used to watch Garfield cartoons before going to school.
I use to be late for the bus because of those cartoons.
I liked the cartoon, and the comic strip.

Never bothered watching any of the films though.
Didn't the cartoon steer away from Garfield at some point and focus on these talking barnyard animals?
realfield sucks . it would have been a good concept for a movie, john is schizo and thinks his cat talks.

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