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Girl with eight limbs to have surgery


Whoa - that is the freakiest thing I've seen in a while...
Guess Shiva was a real dude after all...
All this strange stuff always comes from India.
I can see the twin formation....I've never seen them joined at the tail portion of the vertebral column before, though. Cool story.
Gorgeous little girl.

She's a cute kid, usually kids with birth deformities like this end up looking really sickly. I just wonder if she'll ever be able to walk properly after they remove the extra limbs.
That's too bad. She could have been a living, breathing, Spider-Girl.
not to sound sick, but, where's her .... ummm you know
its kinda hard to tell from the X-ray or pic :huh:
Reincarnation, my Canadian ass. :o
Vote Erzengel '07! :up:
To all Final Fantasy X fans...

I can't wait till they have a pig with 8 legs so they can call it Spider-Pig.
What an adorable little mutant girl. Seriously.
weird that the parasitic twin has no head

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