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Got him, Got him, need him, got him...The Official Sports Card Collectors Thread


Ancient but wise
Jul 8, 2004
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I know I am not the only who use to or is still collecting sports cards. I gave up collecting in the mid 90's but I buy the occasional new rookie sensation......

So here are a few of my favorites...starting with my Pride and Joy...


I was able to obtain this with several other cards like...





Later on I start collecting cards myself and I have the Bret Hull's, Joe Sakic, Brian Leetch, Pavel Bure, Peter Forsberg, Jaromir Jagr, Eric Lindros, and I also collected baseball so I have Ken Griffey, and basketball like Shaquille O'Neal etc.....

I started to think about these b/c I left them all at my mother's house and just recently there was a water line that busted just above her which leaked all through her place...I left my main cards in a box inside plastic holders and the rest in binders next to it and I came very close to losing them all....So I have them now sealed in a large container, so I don't have to worry about them being destroyed now....

So tell me whatcha got....:)

Keep those damn cards!!!

I have a signed Tigers hat with Justin Verlander's autograph. He got the no-hitter in 2007 against Milwaukee. This was pre-no-hitter.

Ever since that day, it has been kept in a plastic zip-lock bag. Looking for a glass box/container for it :up:
I used to be crazy for sports cards.....I collected all the newest stars rookie cards(all in heavy duty cases with near perfect edges...id rate um between 9-10)...waiting some years for them to actually be worth something
I used to collect B-Ball cards. I sold most of them. The only ones I kept are my Jordans. I have about 105 of him. The only one I don't have that i would like to have someday is his rookie card.
i am probably the only girl on the hype who collected/collects cards.

i collect baseball, basketball, and football, and i have a couple comic cards

oh, and Fran, I went to college with Verlander
No way.

Did you know him at all?
No way.

Did you know him at all?

not really :csad:

i think we talked after a baseball game once. Every year the ODU team plays an exhibition game against the Triple AAA team here. (used to be farm club for mets, now its for orioles). I remember he was mowing everyone down. He was throwing faster than the opposing pitcher who was in the farm club.

I think i might have his autograph around here somewhere, if i find it i'll post
Paul ****ing Coffey. I'll never forget him. Or forgive him.

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