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gundam wing movie


Nov 28, 2007
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with dragon ball being made as we speak, and robotech attempting to make its mark on the live action scene....i can only hope that the gundam wing series follows suit. i loved the cartoon on adult swim as a child, and i though that endless waltz was nothing short of amazing, both in terms of story and of animation. i truly hope that there is a production company out there smart enough to pick this series up and turn it into a live action blockbuster... thoughts?
I hope not. We already have enough robotic movies coming in the near future due to Transformer's success. Transformers 2, Robotech as you've stated, and Voltron in 2010 (which will be amazing). Also, I didn't like Gundam Wing that much, the games were boring.

This movie is long overdue. The potential for a top gun/battle star galactica/star wars style movie was hinted at with star ship troopers but well that had no giant mech suits. Now we need giant mech suits.

Directed by James Cameron:


Tagline: This aint no power rangers.
I'd rather see a 0079 movie. Starting off with the origin of the Gundam would make more sense
I am looking forward to all action, sci-fi movies that have cool robots in it.
^hellz ya!

transformers, robotech, voltron, mega man (please mega man!), gundam, zoids (crappy tv show but has potential i think), M.A.S.K. (i miss that show), and many others...

anyone remember the name of the show from back in the day...it was basically two different groupd of people wearing robotic suits fighting in space. the main characters suit had two huge turbine like things and wings on his head.
I for one would love to see a Gundam Wing film. Give me one, now! :cmad:
Well Voltron is Gundam wing really. So i'd rather have Voltron. I'd rather have Outlaw Star , Big O or Full Metal then Gundam Wing.
Voltron is so cool, I love the show, can't wait for the movie in 010.

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