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Comics Help needed to find Magneto comics...


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Nov 26, 2003
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Can anyone name the comics in which these storylines appeared, they are mentioned in an online biography for the character:

"Magnus had many adventures in these early years of contention with the X-Men, including taking over (briefly!) the entire South American country of San Marco, being kidnapped (twice!) to another planet by The Stranger, attacking the Avengers and many other bizarre happenings.

At this time he built his technologically advanced island base within the Bermuda Triangle. When he discovered that Charles Xavier was supposedly dead, Magneto decided it was a good time to attack the X-Men once more. Through the combined efforts of the X-Men and the Avengers, he was defeated. He pretended to fall to his death on some ocean rocks, to cover his escape. Instead, he found himself, by chance, within The Savage Land.

In the Savage Land, located underneath Antarctica, Magneto constructed a citadel. He kidnapped local swamp dwellers, primitive people, and abusing his own body, using his life force and magnetic powers, he mutated and genetically altered them, turning them into his obedient mutant slaves. All the while he was known as The Creator.

In an attempt to stop him, the X-Men attacked and destroyed his citadel. The structure collapsed on top of the Master of Magnetism and, thinking he was dead, the X-Men departed. Injured but not dead, he struggled to the shore and collapsed.

He was found, later, and revived by Prince Namor, the Submariner, ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis. He attempted to trick Prince Namor and the people of Atlantis into helping him invade the earth. He even kidnapped Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, from the Fantastic Four. Sue's husband, Reed Richards, also of the Fantastic Four, stopped him, and was able to take the Master of Magnetism prisoner. Richards used a device that turned Magneto's own powers cleverly against him; rather like a Chinese-finger-puzzle, the more he used his powers, the more he was restrained -- ensuring that he, in essence, captured himself. The Fantastic Four placed him inside a small, completely non-magnetic prison cell, and inhibited his powers with an anti-magnetic force field. Eventually, he was able to breach the anti-magnetic field's integrity, so that he was able to use his genetic gift to free himself.

He managed to escaped by going into a completely quiet, meditative state. Thus freed, he attempted to build a machine that would mutate all of the non-mutants on earth ("Welcome to the future ... brother."). He captured Black Bolt, the king of the Inhumans (no easy task!). Segregated in their Great Refuge, the Inhumans proved easy prey. Magneto nearly succeeded in destroying every non-mutant human in the world, using nuclear energy to power his "universe machine." However, when it was clear he was facing certain defeated, he detonated the nuclear energy canister that he was using as a power source, in a vain attempt to vaporize himself.

Of course, he survived. He battled the Avengers again, and kidnapped Wanda, making her and her fellow Avenges dance while under his mental control. This was the first appearance of Magneto's ability to control the iron in human and mutant blood and thus to control of the mind of any warm blooded creature. His body ravaged by the explosions and injuries he had sustained, he used a special costume that once belonged to the X-Man, Angel (Warren Worthington III), to siphon off the life-energy of Angel and this helped keep him alive. He obtained the costume by attacking Charles Xavier and the X-Men at their mansion, beating his crippled friend and the young X-Men, and demolishing the contents of the mansion. He sent video pictures of the whole scene of destruction to Avenger's Mansion where the Avengers watched helplessly, and were thus lured to the mansion to render assistance. The Avengers overthrew the mutant Master once again, captured him, and attempted to imprison him in an energy-globe, deep underground.

This prison globe was small, and he was completely isolated. He was able to escape when the approach of a comet caused just enough of a shift in the energy globe for him to use his control over the forces of Magnetism to, once more, escape certain imprisonment.

At one point Magneto came across what seemed to him to be a treasure trove of alien records and scientific equipment, which had actually been left for him to find by the master geneticist Maelstrom. Using these resources, Magneto genetically engineered a being called Alpha the Ultimate Mutant, who rebelled against him and turned Magneto back into an infant, aged about six months.. Xavier gave the baby into the care of his colleague and former lover Moira MacTaggert, along with the rest of the de-aged Brotherhood, to be cared for at her Muir Island Reseach facility."

Im not sure of a lot of these but if you go to www.uncannyxmen.net and read the spotlight on magneto there hould be an issue checklist at the end which will probably cotain most of the references.

Off the top of my head Magneto took over san marco in xmen 5 and it was in a defenders comic that he got mutated into a babby.

Good luck!
Oh boy. This stuff happens really early. Like, the first San Marco storyline is the fourth X-men issue ever. (UXM #4). I'm not so familiar with the Avengers and FF tie-ins. The Namor storyline and the Savage Land arc are in the X-men comics, all between 1 and 66 aka the original run. The de-aging happens sometime between 66 and 94 when the X-men were cancelled.
We have a twofer, I repeat we have a twofer, the rarely achieved feat of grave-digging accomplished through spamming :rolleyes:

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