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help swf/ flash files

I would just say look at the source code, and find the .swf file you want, and then come here or something, and send them all into a PM to yourself, and then right click the links and "save as"
Use this program for saving the actual flash files (this is the trial, but you can find a serial online)

Use this program to play the flash files you saved (this one is free)
I am hoping someone can help me here. I have tried a variety of differn't types of software for this with no luck. I have been trying to save some flash files from Newsgrounds.com, specifcally the ones by Matt Gardner. Such as this one. Like I said, I have tried a number of differn't programs with no luck, some of which came from SHH! and some of the programs specifcally said they work on Newsgrounds, but I still had zero luck with them.

So that's all really. I want to save the files to my hard drive and hopfully burn them on a CD-R/DVD-R and watch on a DVD player.

I don't know how to take them from my cache. And I am using Firefox. I don't know what version, but it definately not the latest version. I had upgraded to it, didn't like it and went back to the previous version.

So can anyone help me out?

Thanks either way.
i think you'll have to convert them to a different format to put them on DVD. any help with software for that?

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