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HOTTIES 4.5 Round 3 (2/4) - Keeley Hazell vs Bryce Dallas Howard

Philly Phanboy

Jan 18, 2005
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- Round 3: Quarterfinal Round -
Match 2: Keeley Hazell vs Bryce Dallas Howard

Here are the rules:

  • Matchups for this round will last THREE days with a new poll starting on the SECOND day of the current match until the round is over.
  • Each contest will be a public poll.
  • Please only vote once if you have more than one account. People caught voting multiple times will have ALL votes belonging to them discarded.
  • I will try to post at least two pictures of each contestant per matchup. If you want a favourite contestant to win, post as many additional pics as you want. Try to keep your pictures less than 800 pixels in width and please also try to avoid using hotlinked images. Using your own Photobucket/Imageshack account to host pictures is highly recommended. If you don't know how to do this, send me a PM and I'll help you out.
  • Remember there is no nudity, see through or anything that will get these threads deleted, also no links to adult sites.


Round 1:

Match 1: [thread=246566]Rhona Mitra 22 (38.6%) vs Roselyn Sanchez 21 (36.84%) vs Maggie Grace 14 (24.56%)[/thread]
Match 2: [thread=246916]Bryce Dallas Howard 27 (46.55%) vs Parker Posey 16 (27.59%) vs Kerry Washington 15 (25.86%)[/thread]
Match 3: [thread=247131]Stacy Keibler 38 (57.58%) vs Carmella DeCesare 25 (37.88%) vs Amy McCarthy 3 (4.55%)[/thread]
Match 4: [thread=247390]Jennifer Connelly 35 (42.68%) vs Bárbara Mori 27 (32.93%) vs Anne Hathaway 20 (24.39%)[/thread]
Match 5: [thread=247648]Tiffani Thiessen 25 (47.17%) vs Jordana Brewster 19 (35.85%) vs Soleil Moon Frye 9 (16.98%)[/thread]
Match 6: [thread=247987]Alessandra Ambrosio 30 (57.69%) vs Olya Koryagina 12 (23.08%) vs Bar Refaeli 10 (19.23%)[/thread]
Match 7: [thread=248233]Alyssa Milano 46 (42.59%) vs Amanda Bynes 32 (29.63%) vs Alyson Hannigan 30 (27.78%)[/thread]
Match 8: [thread=248445]Keeley Hazell 42 (59.15%) vs Josie Maran 19 (26.76%) vs Amy Sue Cooper 10 (14.08%)[/thread]
Match 9: [thread=248670]Vanessa Minnillo 32 (49.23%) vs Maria Sharapova 18 (27.69%) vs Sarah Silverman 15 (23.08%)[/thread]
Match 10: [thread=248878]Alizée 35 (50%) vs Rihanna 22 (31.43%) vs Amerie 13 (18.57%)[/thread]
Match 11: [thread=249048]Evangeline Lilly 37 (41.11%) vs Isla Fisher 31 (34.44%) vs Megan Fox 22 (24.44%)[/thread]
Match 12: [thread=249261]Kristen Bell 32 (40.51%) vs Alexis Bledel 27 (34.18%) vs Emilie de Ravin 20 (25.32%)[/thread]
Match 13: [thread=249495]Natalie Portman 48 (55.81%) vs Naomi Watts 26 (30.23%) vs Eva Green 12 (13.95%)[/thread]
Match 14: [thread=249703]Sarah Carter 46 (48.94%) vs Ashley Scott 24 (25.53%) vs Emmanuelle Vaugier 24 (25.53%)[/thread]
Match 15: [thread=249902]Kristanna Loken 41 (48.81%) vs Zhang Ziyi 30 (35.71%) vs Jaime King 13 (15.48%)[/thread]
Match 16: [thread=250136]Cinthia Moura 26 (44.83%) vs Lucy Pinder 21 (36.21%) vs Gloria Santiago 11 (18.97%)[/thread]

Round 2:

Match 1: [thread=250546]Alizée 47 (53.41%) vs Vanessa Minnillo 41 (46.59%)[/thread]
Match 2: [thread=250776]Rhona Mitra* 59 (50.86%) vs Natalie Portman 57 (49.14%)[/thread]
Match 3: [thread=250967]Bryce Dallas Howard 43 (55.84%) vs Kristanna Loken 34 (44.16%)[/thread]
Match 4: [thread=251176]Keeley Hazell 48 (59.26%) vs Tiffani Thiessen 33 (40.74%)[/thread]
Match 5: [thread=251339]Evangeline Lilly 43 (53.75%) vs Alessandra Ambrosio 37 (46.25%)[/thread]
Match 6: [thread=251563]Stacy Keibler 48 (60.76%) vs Cinthia Moura 31 (39.24%)[/thread]
Match 7: [thread=251763]Kristen Bell 55 (52.38%) vs Sarah Carter 50 (47.62%)[/thread]
Match 8: [thread=251940]Jennifer Connelly 64 (61.54%) vs Alyssa Milano 40 (38.46%)[/thread]
* Three votes for Rhona came from the same IP address and were discarded.

Round 3:

Match 1: [thread=252376]Alizée vs Rhona Mitra[/thread] - Poll closed w/Alizée advancing
Match 2: Keeley Hazell vs Bryce Dallas Howard (Oct. 8 - Oct. 11)
Match 3: Stacy Keibler vs Evangeline Lilly (Oct. 10 - Oct. 13)
Match 4: Kristen Bell vs Jennifer Connelly (Oct. 12 - Oct. 15)

Tournament Matchup Chart:


Keeley Hazell - Model




This round is going to kill me.
Don't forget to cast your vote in the Alizee vs Rhona Mitra match too if you haven't voted yet. There aren't as many votes in that match as there should be. :O
this is a hard choice

keeley looks like a hot pin up model, the type you are sued to seeing in these magazines

where as howards look it that of the good looking normal girl the type you would go tot school with or hang around with
Seriously, this Bryce **** has got to come to an end this round.

Mister J said:
Seriously, this Bryce **** has got to come to an end this round.

The way I see it is even if Keeley makes it to the finals, the only person that she'd have a chance of beating from the "B" pool would be Kristen and even that's not guaranteed. Bryce may not have the bust size to compete against Keeley but she has the better chance to go further in the tournament; not to mention a way prettier face than Keeley. :word:
as cute as Bryce is, i gotta go with the Brit Chick. she is teh hawt
while Bryce is a very good looking girl I'd have to give the edge to Keeley this round.
People are voting Bryce basically because she's in their favorite franchise, and because she looks like someone that wouldn't say no if you tried to toss some game at her at the local food court.
This is such an unfair and obvious match up.

Keeley wins over and over and over and over again.
Yes, need we remind you of World Cup Keeley


So... pie is pretty good.
I don't see anything wrong with that picture? :huh:
Um, dude, what does that have to do with pie?
translucent superspy nipularity:ninja:
now with a hint more bottom peekage!:ninja:
maxwell's demon said:
translucent superspy nipularity:ninja:
now with more bottom peekage!:ninja:
Ix-nay on the ipple-nay ominence-pray.:o
JLBats said:
Right, neither do I.

Are you blind?:huh:

Whoops I didn't scroll down. Now let's not mention it again.
Keeley is actually attractive. The other one looks a bit inbred.

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