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How About A Flash Animated Series?


Jun 28, 2002
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A prequel to JLA/U, that shows his origins and such...I'd buy it on DVD :o
I'd buy it too - seeing as how we're not going to get a Flash movie for like, a gazillion years.

Would love to see a superspeed fight with Zoom.
An animated Flash series would be really cool. They could focus a bit on the rogues too like Geoff Johns did in his run on the comic.

But there could be a problem on the technical side. Would they be able to show things happening in slow motion and a "running fight"?

I haven't watched many episodes of JL so I don't know if they've already done that, but all I can remember seeing is a blur when he's running.
Well since the Main focus of the show would be Flash himself im sure a bit more money would go into making his Superspeed look fabulous.
I would love to see a Flash show. Or even just a special or something. He was definitely my favorite character on JL. When everybody was saying what they'd like to see after Justice League this was my choice, with GLC second.
A Flash show would rock. Especially if they could hold on to Michael Rosenbaum as Flash.
Definately, Rosenbaum completely made the character.
I want DCAU to make this happen now, dammit! I'd so watch it. :up:
A Flash toon would be great.
Too bad we get a Legion of Superheroes toon that isn't even in the DCAU instead of it.
I would watch sadly it won't happen the Tv show timmverse is dead. But the DTDVD timmverse is still alive at least sooner or later.
Actually, didnt hey do a pilot on a flash animated series a year or 2 ago?
Really? Never knew they did a pilot two years ago for a Flash Animated Series. I personally probably would not find it that much entertaining since I never kept up with the Flash in his comics. Only in Justice League stuff.
but coming from that site, heres a pretty neat drawing of what a new animated flash could look like

The Picture you are trying to post is a cover for the comics by micheal turner. good pic but no way could the animation look that cool.
That would be cool, but Flash doesn't seem like a character that could support a series on his own.
I would preffer something about the Green Lanterns that has alot of potential.
I can't let the DCAU die, I won't let it!
Nice idea on the Flash prequel, however, his rights have been gobbled up by a movie that they've been trying to get a decent script for over the last 2 years.
I'd love to see a Flash series. His adventures could make a great show.
The Joker said:
How About A Flash Animated Series ?

That would be super. Wally West / THE FLASH, Michael Rosenbaum would have to do the voice. he brought of life to The Flash in JL & JLU . :up: :up:

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