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How do you put video files into your psp?


Mar 23, 2004
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Ok I know how to put mp3 on your psp but how do with videos? I know you need a usb cable which I already have. Im trying to put my movie trailers so I watch them over and over again in my psp. oh my trailers are mpeg-4. Please help:)
Did that, and it still didnt show up in my psp:(
I guess no one knows huh...
Mentok said:
Nope. Try google my friend :(
I used to use psp video 9 which was great it conversted all my files into mpeg -4 and transfer them into my psp but for some reason know it says it cant read my psp:(
Nevermind, I got my psp video 9 working again :) :up:

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