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Mar 13, 2006
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So I'm sitting here thinking, ya know theres a couple things going one right now that's pretty 'devistating' and I thought this little idea up, and as you will see I mean quiet litterly a huge idea;

Who's behind everything going on in DC's comics right now? I'm talking like, imagine that Dan Dido had this whole giant scope of things spanning over a enermous amount of time -- like 15 years -- and it was all part of some ridiculsouly big event. Not saying that the event will be really long, but it will show us what events happend and how they happened because theres some huge overlying force out there that controls everything; and sometime in the next 5 years they do a major event ala CoiE/IC/FC level, but it's all contained. It would basicly say that for the past 15 or so years, everything huge that's happend like Sin Corps War, Rebirth, Amazons Attacks, Rebirth of Ras Al, Final Crisis, Infinite Crisis, CoiE, basically everything big that's happened, was all part of this one beings master plan to dominate everything from the 'good' part, and all the universes we know join up to defeate this thing so they can all survive and go back to their own self contained wars and such.

Wouldn't that be awesome?
Gimmie a minute while I find a facepalm jpeg
Eh... I guess almost any idea could be 'awesome' if it was executed properly and efficiently, but right now, I'm having enough trouble getting cyked for the coming Final Crisis when it's prolouge Countdown is so bland.
Y'know, that already happened and was called "Infinite Crisis."
I could imagine this force being called........THE WRITERS!
I wasreally high when I wrote this, so it doesn't really make sense.

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