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Earth-1 idea


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Aug 4, 2006
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I mostly lurk, but the DC section has been kinda down lately so I thought I’d throw this out there. It’s just an idea I had. You can tell me what you don’t like, where I *****ed up, or just any general comments.

The new Earth-1 has yet to be designated. I haven’t even heard it mentioned at all in fact. So obviously it is something to be concerned with. My idea for it would have it represent the Pre-Crisis Earth One. Much of the Silver Age characters would be here: Barry Allen as Flash, a depowered Diana Prince, straight laced Hal Jordan, etc. That is the obvious assumption at this stage, but here is my idea.

Issue 1:

We would open up directly following the events of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Superman has lost his power but he is ready to return as a superhero. We learn that the effects of Gold Kryptonite are not as permanent as one thought. Superman has gradually reacquired his strength and abilities. A recent solar flare has returned all of his heightened abilities to full power. This Superman’s origin fits with Superman: The Last God of Krypton story—where Kal-El is a direct descendant of the Sun God Rao. This could also further explain his extraordinary powers. Supes decides that he never did enough for the world. We get a two page spread of superduperfeats just basically showing off his exceptional power.

We learn that the Flash Barry Allen has known about the new Multiverse. He was witness to Superboy Prime’s destruction of Earth-15, fearing this threat he has hid the vibrational frequency of Earth One. Barry Allen cannot precisely time travel as the cosmic treadmill has been shortened out by the recent solar flare. Now that Superman has returned Barry Allen seeks him out.

Barry Allen encourages Superman to travel in time to the dawn of this new multiverse. After some convincing, Superman heads to the dawn of the new multiverse and sees Alexander Luthor and the giant tuning fork. He sees the identical earths and ponders how they changed. He heads further into the future to see Rip Hunter, Booster Gold, and Mr. Mind from 52 Week 52. End issue.

Issue Two and general notes:

Barry Allen is racing on the Anti Monitor’s station and notices time is being dissolved (Mr. Mind) so he races against it and escapes. Part of the Crisis never occurred. There was no collapse into New Earth thus leaving Earth One, Two, Three, Four, S, and X as the surviving universes. (This could explain the incredible similarity between these Pre-Crisis earths and their 52 counterparts. They never did collapse in this timeline, so there is a multiverse within a larger multiverse. So really, there are 48 universes, with Earth One’s timeline having this mini multiverse.)

I would envision the second issue as being back story—explaining how all of the original Crisis players got back to the original earths and just dealing with the altered Crisis. I see Mr. Mind as having eaten specific pieces of time concerning specific characters. For example, Diana Prince never regained her powers as Wonder Woman. It would certainly work better than a broad brush or defining an entire universe with birdshot. Much of the Anti Monitor’s handiwork can be done away with outside of his destruction of the excess universes.

That’s what I have so far. I think this works to lend some weight and legitimacy to these reincarnations of traditional pre-Crisis earths as they really are their pre-Crisis versions through the altered timeline.

So let me have it.
Pretty sure it goes New Earth, Earth 2, Earth 3,... Earth 52.
I'm gonna say WompuM is right. I don't recall Earth-1 ever being mentioned, and I just assumed Earth-52 would be saved for some super-spectacular reveal in Final Crisis.
You're bound to be disappointed, then. Pretty sure it was said that New Earth is counted as one of the 52 Earths, and that there is no 52nd Earth.

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