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Hype! Deathmatch: Round 2, Match 5: Lunar_Wolf VS The Squirrel


Mar 26, 2005
Reaction score

In round two, each match will last 2 days. The player with the most votes at the end of 2 days will move on to round 3! The matches for round two are as follows:

Match 1: enterthemadness VS SymbioticToxin
Match 2: Parker Wayne VS Sawyer
Match 3: BizzaroAids VS sabetoonth
Match 4: BruceBanner VS Raiden
Match 5: Specter313 VS SpideyFan866
Match 6: Kane52630 VS LibidoLoca
Match 7: The Original Bamfer VS Schlosser85
Match 8: SuperFerret VS Spider-Aziz
Match 9: knowsbleed VS POWdER-man
Match 10: Lightning Strykez! VS Shemtov
Match 11: Lunar_Wolf VS Gotham Knight
Match 12: Immortalfire VS The Squirrel
Match 13: JustABill VS Cory
Match 14: ComicChick VS Wadaltmon
Match 15: WillardNation VS Duke
Match 16: THE MR. TERRIFIC VS bullets

Match 1: SymbioticToxin VS Sawyer
Match 2: BizzaroAids VS Duke VS BruceBanner
Match 3: Specter313 VS Kane52630
Match 4: knowsbleed VS Lightning Strykez!
Match 5: Lunar_Wolf VS The Squirrel
Match 6: Schlosser85 VS Spider-Aziz
Match 7: ComicChick VS THE MR. TERRIFIC
WILDCARD: Cory VS JustABill VS SupperFerret VS Darthphere VS Léo Ho Tep VS Poopdeckpenispa​
I'm going to vote for The Squirrel this time, since Wolf didn't vote for me.
It's halloween. Am I going to vote WOLF or SQUIRREL?

Hmmmm... :p
Sorry Squirrel but Lunar voted for me last round and you voted against me, lol.
:cmad: another betrayal into Lunar's back!

:dry: also Squirrel asked for my vote...
*thinks to self "I'll just vote for the guy with glasses"*

*walks in thread and looks at pic*

*thinks to self "I'll just vote for the guy with glasses"*

*walks in thread and looks at pic*


My glasses actually connect to my face. Therefore, they are better.
*enters the thread*

*grabs keyboard*

I entered this thread thinking the votes may be even, but no, I'm 20 votes behind. I know what you're all saying ''Lunar_Wolf is slipping after all these years, that the countless hours on this forum have meant nothing'', AH-AH!! - LW is just is just getting his gears going.

I'm glad I'm 20 votes behind, means I've got some catching up to do. And when I catch up with you Squirrel, I'm gonna stare directly into your beady little eyes, give ya a stone cold stunner and toss your ass outta cyber space sending you crashing down to the bedroom floor...And that's the bottom line because this glasses wearing, comic book reading, SOB said so!

Oh sh** Lunar is so pissed, he posted it twice....I may have to vote for him.
Squirrel is a happy camper

I voted for Wolf
I vote the Squirrel. Because they can strike awesome poses. Can Wolfs do the same?


This vote is a hard one for me.
-_-...Lunar is losing big time....this pleases me...what ya gonna do, stun me?
-_-...Lunar is losing big time....this pleases me...what ya gonna do, stun me?



Option one I could stun you,



option two, I could stun you...

But, I'm in a giving mood today, so I'll go with option 3



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