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If the Revolution has a Star Wars game that uses the controller like this...

What's going to stop you from swinging the controller when it hits the enemy's blade?
A REVO Lightsaber game is a must... Nintendo and Lucas Arts need to kiss and make up.
It will be impossibe to have the physical feedback of blocking though, it will be too unnatural. It could be only single-player, and enemies couldn't block you.
All the secrets about the controller have not been revealed yet. My guess is force feedback.
It's not going to stop the follow-through, your controller will still be in the wrong position to control the light saber. It would seriously need to be electric shock.
This will breed a whole new generation of Star Wars Kids. I can't wait for the videos.
How about a kind of tension wire at each end of the sabre, resisting the gamer's pull?
They're already making a game in which you use a sword, Lightsaber is a logical step.
Lucas Arts stated they support the Revolution, so I'd count on it.
now im not a huge starwars fan, but this looks like a must have game.

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