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If you could be any evil character....


Sep 10, 2004
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Since whenever we get asked "who we would be if we could be" we always give answers like Batman or Luke Skywalker or Superman or any other good character....if you had to be bad, if you had to cause pain....who would you be.

My answer

Cyclonus from Transformers...just always liked him somewhat
Alonzo "king kong aint got ***** on me" Harris
Two shots to the head. If you ask me, couldn't have happend to a nicer guy.
But who does Palpatine report to...

If you said the devil you are correct!
There is no Devil in the Star Wars universe.

Only Lucas
The General.

Id be either stalin or Dew
*squeekness has a weakness for her ferals* I'd be Sabretooth or Wildchild. :up:

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