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Infinite Crisis (DC multiplayer online battle arena Game)

Infinite Crisis announces the new Founders program

(1 hour ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Trailers, Video, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Some people aren't necessarily instantly on board with the idea of a MOBA featuring DC Comics characters. But if Infinite Crisis had you hooked right from the premise, you can go ahead and put your money where your mouth is as of today. The game has just launched its Founders program, a chance for future players to buy now and enjoy the benefits later... like many other free-to-play titles have done recently.

Three packages are available for purchase now, with all three unlocking immediate beta access, early access to Coast City, and an exclusive icon for use in-game and on the forums. The $20 package also includes 800 Crisis Coins (in-game microtransaction money) and 3 Champion unlocks. $50 gets you 3200 Crisis Coins, 6 unlocks, and an exclusive Gaslight Batman costume. And $100 gets you 8600 Crisis Coins, 12 unlocks, an exclusive costume for both Gaslight Batman and regular Batman, and early access to the next map addition. To help up the hype, the game has also released a trailer detailing the Coast City map, which is embedded just past the break. Continue Reading

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Infinite Crisis shows off what's going on behind the scenes

(3 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Game Mechanics, Previews, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis

On one level, Infinite Crisis feels like an obvious premise. Take a setting that already gives players plenty of reasons to beat one another up as iconic heroes and villains, give those players plenty of iconic heroes and villains, enjoy the show. But according to the new behind-the-scenes video, the game took a fair bit more effort than that. It's partly a result of game technology finally matching up with what players need and want in this sort of game.

The video features commentary by both DC Comics creators and Turbine Entertainment staff members. One of the big elements of the game is that environments are not static things, that they can be interacted with and damaged during play, and that helps contribute to the feel of a game of superheroes rather than just another MOBA. If you want a closer look, check out the full video embedded just past the break.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release] Continue Reading

More coverage: Official Site
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Infinite Crisis video introduces Atomic Wonder Woman

(6 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Classes, New Titles, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis

Who needs a lasso when you can wield a chainsaw? Not Atomic Wonder Woman! Meet this new champion and her chainsaw in Infinite Crisis' latest video. After the world is devastated by the nuclear firestorm of World War III, Wonder Woman's mission changes from peace to restoration, and she uses her new weapon of choice to fight for that end. A melee assassin, Atomic Wonder Woman has low survivability and huge burst damage. Her skills include Vault, Smite, and Savage Sweep, and her ultimate is Reclaimer. All of these skills are boosted by her passive, Rev, which builds up and offers a little something extra to each.

If you are heading to Gamescom 2013, you can play as Atomic Wonder Woman (complete with Rosie the Riveter scarf) at the Infinite Crisis booth in the Electronic Sports League hall CM Storm Arena. Otherwise you'll have to wait until she's released to closed beta on August 21st. In the meantime, catch all her moves -- along with a plenty of tips and tricks -- in the video after the cut.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release] Continue Reading

More coverage: Infinite Crisis official site
Does anyone want a key for the closed beta? I got invited a couple of days ago and I forgot about it. I'm going to be using mine, but they also give you a second code for a friend.
I have a beta key since... June I think... I've played like 30 games and to be honest... this game doesn't have anything to offer to keep me hooked.

The game is still a bad LoL copy. LoL succeeded in distancing itself from Dota, but this game is just so much like LoL, it's not even funny.
Don't get me wrong, LoL is a great moba, but this is just a bad copy.
So far it has nothing to appeal to me as comic book fan. Yeah I can play as Batman, Joker, GL or some of the others, but then what? No stories, no unlockables, no DC feel to it. I love DC because of their stories and characters.
So far the maps are uninspiring and get repetitive really quickly.
I do hope this game will find its fans in order to get the time LoL had to establish itself.
However, it looks to me they are trying really hard to sell a carbon copy game just because Batman and Joker are in it.

Not impressed.
PAX Prime 2013: A doomsday strike to the heart of Infinite Crisis

(4 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Events (Real-World), Interviews, Previews, Free-to-Play, Events (Massively's Coverage), MOBA, Infinite Crisis

I think I'd be a lousy MOBA level designer. I'd always wondered why PvP and MOBA maps came few and far between; after all, how hard is it to whip up a quick level? I realized my ignorance after listening to Turbine Creative Director Cardell Kerr talk about the immense amount of thought and planning that goes into a single map.

Kerr and his team were showing off Infinite Crisis, the upcoming DC superhero MOBA, at PAX Prime this weekend, with constant matches taking place between superhero-wannabes. As with most everything at PAX, it's a mix of promotion, information, and entertainment, although I got the feeling that the team also had something to prove. After all, everyone seems to be making MOBAs these days to catch some of that League of Legends/Dota 2 money, and because such, it's triply important that an upstart have a way of distinguishing itself from the pack. Merely having Wonder Woman and Batman show up won't be enough these days (although it certainly doesn't hurt).

So what is Infinite Crisis angling to do that will make this the MOBA you'll click on more than the others? It comes down to options: options how to play your game, options how to exploit advantages on a map, and options when it comes to game modes. Continue Reading

source: Massively
Get a behind-the-scenes peek at Infinite Crisis in new video

(7 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Trailers, Video, MMO Industry, New Titles, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, Infinite Crisis


Sometimes when you look at an aspect of a game, you think, "Wow, where did the devs get that idea?" Other times you wonder "What were they thinking?" In both cases, a nice behind-the-scenes look at things can at times help answer those questions. And Turbine Entertainment has released one such video for Infinite Crisis wherein the development team talks about how the DC Multiverse is integrated in the game design, from various champions to the items available in the artifact foundry.

For your own peek behind the dev curtain, check out the video after the break. And if you want to join the closed beta, head on over to the official site to sign up.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release] Continue Reading

More coverage: Infinite Crisis official site
Infinite Crisis introduces Arcane Green Lantern in new video

(6 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Classes, New Titles, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA

One thing you can count on with Infinite Crisis is the addition of new champions from alternate dimensions of the DC Multiverse. But the surprise always comes in exactly what hero is added to the ranks. Today, Turbine introduced the newest iteration of an energy-manipulating favorite: Arcane Green Lantern.

Arcane Green Lantern combines support and enforcer, offering shields, crowd-control, and boosts to teammates. Active skills include the AoE Emerald Lantern, Construct Champion Shackles, and Deny the Black; the champion's passive is Emerald Light. For more details on these skills, along with some tips and tricks on how to best play this hero, watch the video just after the cut. You can also get a gander at the mug of Arcane Green Lantern in a close up shot.

[Source: Turbine Press release] Continue Reading

More coverage: Infinite Crisis official site
Infinite Crisis spotlights Catwoman in newest champion profile

(1 hour ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Classes, New Titles, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


"Former pickpocket turned master thief, Catwoman gave up a career of crime to exact ferocious justice." That's how the newest champion spotlight video for Infinite Crisis starts out, highlighting the backstory of Catwoman. The agile medium-ranged damage dealer uses her whip and cat-like reflexes to win against her opponents.

http://massively.joystiq.com/tag/Turbine/Turbine's super-hero MOBA is still in the beta stages, but you can sign up for free at the game's main website. Be sure to check out the video after the cut for more details on Catwoman and Infinite Crisis.

[Thanks to Johnny for the tip!] Continue Reading

Just saw this today at a games convention and it looks good. Didn't know about it before.
Infinite Crisis amplifier set preview lands with October update

by Mike Foster (9 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Patches, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis

October's Infinite Crisis update brings a small preview of big changes. Turbine is adding an "early version" of the game's augmentation system, an addition that should help players to learn the basics of character enhancement before the full system goes live. Augmentation is accomplished via amplifier sets, which are collections of items designed to enhance champions in a variety of ways depending on role and play style.

Each amplifier set is composed of four augments and three mods. Augments enhance stats, while mods enhance artifacts. Every amplifier item will be associated with a brand; each brand benefits specific champion roles. While the complete amplifier system will allow players to build their own sets from scratch, the sets introduced this month are package deals. Turbine has plans to release hundreds of augments and mods as Infinite Crisis grows.

Check out the video after the jump for a quick look at amplifiers, or hit up the official post for a detailed breakdown. Continue Reading

Infinite Crisis takes a deep look at blowing up cars

(8 hours ago)
Super-hero, Video, Game Mechanics, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Superheroes don't fight clean. When a battle happens, you don't expect just a couple of guys punching each other, you expect people being thrown through buildings and cars being flung around like nothing. You expect destruction across the whole landscape, in other words. The developers working on Infinite Crisis understand that and know full well that part of the superhero equation is making sure that you get to have a major impact on the environment, and that's the subject of the newest behind-the-scenes video for the game.

Both the destructible environments and the catastrophic event system seen in the game are meant to help players feel the impact of actions and of changing strategies. The battlefield isn't the same at the end as it is when you start. Walls get smashed, meteors fall and block off passages, and players adapt to new options and new circumstances. Take a closer look at what these systems mean in the video embedded just past the break.

[Source: Turbine Entertainment press release] Continue Reading

More coverage: Official Site
Infinite Crisis trailer introduces Atomic Green Lantern

(8 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Trailers, Video, Classes, New Titles, PvP, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Sometimes, being a hero is more than a difficult job, it's a downright painful experience. Such is the case for the newest champion to join the Infinite Crisis line-up: Atomic Green Lantern. Hailing from a destroyed civilization, this Hal Jordan's ring has been powered-up with a radioactive isotope after being mysteriously deactivated (and the subsequent loss of his right arm). Unfortunately, that new power source comes with a cost -- a shorter, more painful life.

In game, Atomic Green Lantern is a melee bruiser with skills that inflict that deadly radiation on others, such as Scorched Earth and Meltdown. Catch some tips and hints for using these skills and more in the Atomic Green Lantern spotlight video after the break.

[Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment press release]
Continue Reading

More coverage: Infinite Crisis official site
Infinite Crisis shows off Harley Quinn

(7 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Game Mechanics, Previews, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Harley Quinn has gone from being a simple sidekick for the Joker to being a respected villain in her own right, albeit one that's generally seen as something of an airhead. It's easy to forget that she was a psychiatrist assigned to take care of the Joker in the first place. So it kind of makes sense that she'd be more than just another pretty smash-happy character in Infinite Crisis, instead taking a more subtle role as a healer and support.

Harley's passive ability buffs movement and attack speed for all nearby allies, while her activated abilities consist of a direct heal, a ranged attack, a knockback, and a knockup. The net result is that Harley works as support for teammates, knocking away certain enemies while keeping her immediate team healed and buffed. Check out the video preview past the break for more details on how to make the most of Harley's specific arsenal. Continue Reading

More coverage: Infinite Crisis official site

Infinite Crisis brings out Mecha Wonder Woman

(1 day ago)
Super-hero, Classes, Patches, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


She may be metal and gears, but underneath that she's all woman too. She's Mecha Wonder Woman, the newest champion to come to Infinite Crisis.

Mecha Wonder Woman originated as a diplomatic robot for Queen Hippolyta, but decided to get into the superhero vengeance game when the queen was assassinated. The Justice Consortium upgraded her, giving Mecha Wonder Woman the ability to dispense justice with an iron fist.

We've got your first look at Mecha Wonder Woman in a video after the break, so check it out and see if this MOBA champion might be calling to your own sense of justice.

[Source: Turbine press release] Continue Reading

Infinite Crisis
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Infinite Crisis trailer introduces Robin

(3 hours ago)


While full of plenty of superheroes to play, Infinite Crisis has not forgotten about the sidekicks that fight alongside them. The latest playable hero to join the MOBA's roster is none other than Robin, based on Tim Drake. Cast as (what else) a melee support role, Robin benefits his team with skills such as This Guy, Bo Master, and Dynamic Duo, each skill offering various team buffs and enemy debuffs. Robin's ultimate, Emergent Leader, combines AoE damage with team buffs.

Gather some hints and tips for utilizing Robin in the reveal trailer below. Folks interested in playing Robin -- or any of the other heroes -- for themselves, can sign up for closed beta on the official site.

Continue Reading

[Source: Turbine press release]

Infinite Crisis reveals the Man of Steel as a champion

(8 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Trailers, Video, Game Mechanics, Previews, News Items, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Modeling Superman in any video game is kind of problematic, since his whole schtick is that he's faster than anything, invulnerable, and strong enough to fling the moon into the sun if he really wanted to. This already presents some problems when balancing for a single-player game, but in a game like Infinite Crisis, how can you make sure that the Man of Steel feels like himself without making him massively overpowered?

The video past the cut shows off Turbine's take on the character. In essence, each of Superman's skills gives him a damage shield, with subsequent skills improving the shield, making him much harder to take down. His iconic abilities are all in place -- super-speed, strength, heat vision, and the like -- all adding up to a character that hits hard while being difficult to take down. Take a gander at the video to see just how the Last Son of Krypton will perform in the arena.

[Source: Turbine press release] Continue Reading


Infinite Crisis brings Star Sapphire into the fold

(5 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, Video, Classes, Free-to-Play, MOBA, Infinite Crisis


Just in time for Valentine's Day, Turbine has announced that the "champion of love," Star Sapphire, is coming to Infinite Crisis.

Star Sapphire wields her namesake's ring, able to channel love and keep the Predator entity in check. In the game, she's a ranged damage dealer who's best kept out of immediate harm's way. She can choose to unleash the Predator to do damage or to keep it attached for a speed boost.

Star Sapphire will be added to the game on February 26th. You don't have to wait until then to check out her moves, however, as we've got her champion spotlight video after the break!

[Source: Turbine press release]Continue Reading

Infinite Crisis hits open beta on March 14

(11 hours ago)
Betas, Super-hero, New Titles, MOBA, Infinite Crisis

Turbine has announced that its Infinite Crisis MOBA will launch its open beta on March 14.

Former Lord of the Rings Online and current Infinite Crisis executive producer, Jeffrey Steefel, commented on the game's growth since closed beta began: "We now have three maps, three modes, a huge amount of different ways you can play the game. Twenty-seven characters and, in fact, we are adding a new character every three weeks." The game is said to include new costumes for each character, a digital comic, and action figures in the near future.


Infinite Crisis


Can heroes like Batman and Superman bring anything new to MOBAs?
Views: 10,241 | Posted: 02/28/2014

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Open beta has started!

yeah it has thanks for the heads up and trailer

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