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Informal Spidey 2 Poll

Chris Wallace

Jul 13, 2001
Reaction score
How long has it been since you last watched :spidey: 2?
And was it on DVD or cable?
Watched it on DVD about two weeks ago.

Alfred Molina just rocks my socks as Doc Ock :) And those fight scenes get better every time I watch them.
a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

the event still haunts my soul...

it was on dvd.
you're calling the only person with a spidey 2 avatar in this thread a hater?
Consider It Leftover Ribbing From Our Last Debate.
I Like Trading Posts With You; Even When You Give Me A Hard Time It's Fun.
ha, this isn't a hard time, wait till spidey 3 comes out, then you'll see a hard time....

although this x-men film is going to give me a nice warm up...
last time I watched anything remotely spidey 2 was on sky, I promptly changed the channel to something better.
I watched it on DVD about a week ago. I watch it once in awhile.
Two weeks ago on dvd just watched it for the hell of it and to watch the music video ordinary :)
I just had my 50th viewing and it was on dvd about a week ago.

I will probably take the next year off from it, until opening day for SM3, when i plan to watch both SM1 and SM2 right before going off to see the new one.
This morning on DvD..and the all the special features on the second disc...I love that movie!:eek: :spidey:
About 2 months ago on HBO I believe.
I have it on DVD. It's been several months, not because I don't like it, because I have a lot of DVDs
Since 2004, in theaters.
A couple of weeks ago... I probably watch it at least once a month.

Never really get tired of it... A fact that still has me facinated.

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