Sequels Interviewing the X-men this sat! Need Q's!



Hey X-men fans, I'll be interviewing the stars of X-men 3 for a junket this weekend. I'm confused as to what to ask them so I need your help. I'll be interviewing Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Framke Janssen with James Marsden, Kelsey Grammer with Ben Foster, Anna Paquin with Shawn Ashmore, Dania Ramirez with Aaron Stanford, and director Brett Ratner. If you have any funny or interesting questions to ask, please email them to me at [email protected] and be sure to check out our show, E-Asylum, on to see them answered!
Ask Jackman about upcoming Wolverine movie.... find out about future projects on the actors... don't ask them if they are coming back for X4 directly or you'll look like an ass, but be subtle about asking if they know of any plans of future men films... but definitely find out about the wolvie spinoff... ask Famke what was it like going out all out as the dark pheonix... ask Patrick if he is interested in an X4... ask Ratner if the studio has talked about extending his contract for X4 and beyond.... ask the young Xmen if they would be interested in coming back... and.... can't think of anything else... hope you are serious that you really will be interviewing the ppl above...
ask them why 20th century Fox seems to be calling it quits with this 3rd film...I would think that at the peak of this franchises success that they'd want to persue more than the spinoffs like the Wolverine movie or the Magneto movie...and simply go with X4 in a few more the last stand just because its the last time we'll see these actors portray these to say its because of the contractual commitments? If X3 X-ceeds X-pectations...will there be a change of heart for any of the cast...take for example...other comic book franchises...they have successful first movies...then the sequels tend to decline at the boxoffice...this was something that happened in the 80 and 90's...and studios have had to pull the plug on some franchises in hopes of revitalizing them some years down the line...there seems to me to be nothing wrong with the X-men franchise thus far, and more movies can only perform better than the last one...whats the deal?
P.S. I hope you are for real...if not, than anyone reading this atleast knows how i feel :)

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