Into the West DVD


The Dork Knight
Sep 16, 2002
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I know I'm pretty late, but I got this yesterday and I'm really hooked on it. I've watched 4 out of the 6 parts so far and I must say that it's really engaging. I know that "Into the West" was a miniseries, but it's a miniseries worth mentioning. You really are moved to tears in many parts, especially when some major characters die. I'm not sure of the historical accuracy, but the creators of the miniseries did a great job in balancing the different viewpoints of the film, much like "Kingdom of Heaven" did. I'll post a more extensive review once I finish it. But if you haven't seen this already, you definitely should.:)
I remember watching the series on TNT, pretty good except for a few scenes(the episodes sorta of dragged), But I hope to buy the dvd when it comes down a tad.

Just so you know, Stephen Spielberg made this series.

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