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Feb 24, 2007
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So I'm listening to my iPod shuffle, then all of a sudden the music stops playing but the lights and everything is working alright but no music is playing, I thought something was wrong with my earphones, but they were working fine. So I turn the iPod off and connect it to my Laptop, iTunes pops ups and syncs my iPod, So I took it out of the dock and plugged my earphones in again but this time it won't turn on either, now when I try to connect it to my laptop it won't detect it - I HAVE charged the iPod one day ago fully, so that is NOT the problem...

Please guys...HALP!! :csad:
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Have you tried different headphones? Is the Hold button on?
try plugging them in to desktop speakers also
The iPod shuffle GEN 2 not 1 BTW the problem is not with my earphones, does the iPod even have a hold button? it only has two (on the top, excluding the control wheel thing on the front/face)
Ipods do have hold buttons, I'd start there.
No It's not the hold button either, the problem is, it just stopped working all of a sudden, won't turn on or anything but it's been charged yesterday :huh:
Hold the menu and center button down at the same time until the screen flashes and the apple logo pops up.
This is an iPod shuffle, it has no screen and the hold button thing is not the problem :( ...it just WON'T turn on :( ....well thanks for helping anyway... :)
Well, do it anyway and hold it for about 10 seconds. Or find out how to do it from the manual.
Nothings Working, Nevermind, I'm gonna be getting a new MP3/MP4 Player, something in my budget ranger, 30 to 40 quid
thsi happened to my wife's iPod shuffle. We just did the reset (hold down menu and center button simultaneously) for about 10 seconds and then a couple minutes later after the reboot, it worked fine again.

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