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Is Clint Magazine good?


Aug 12, 2012
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Saw it on the newsstand at Barnes and Noble Saturday (the real comic book store closed down so I have to make due with a couple of book stores that stock comics), flipped through it. Basically it's a monthly magazine updated with new issues of four-five Mark Miller-written comic books. It's similar to Heavy Metal in that it's a collection of graphic serials but in this case they're all written by Mark Millar, with different artists for each one.

Flipped through it, didn't look at most of them in-depth but read through Super Crooks, which had a pretty unique concept (a group of super heroes teams up to steal a former-supervillain's fortune from his mansion) and was pretty funny (issue starts with one of the team smashing another's head through a wall, saying 'You're a disgrace to this outfit!" The leader admonishes him, saying their no-kill rule is their most highly vaunted tenet. "I didn't kill him, I just brain-damaged him a bit." "Oh, that's all right then!" replies the leader good-naturedly). The heist concept applied to super heroes is pretty original.

The other three were a Hit-Girl comic, something called The Secret Service, and another one called Death Sentence. The Death Sentence one was pretty pornographic but I didn't really expect anything less from a Mark Millar magazine. Basically it seems in the vein of adult comics like Heavy Metal collects.

My only issue with it would be that it's a collection of only Mark Millar comic books. It would be even cooler if he were producing a magazine of various writers' serials.

Anyway, has anyone else read it? Should I look into some back issues? It seems worth the 7 dollar cover price just for Super Crooks and Hit-Girl, since the other two-three comics in each mag are probably decent.
It's still in print ? My comic shop has back issues. I found out about Clint last year, when I found out Wizard stop making magazines. The comic shop owner showed me Clint, but he told me they stopped print back in 2010. I wasn't very interested in it.
I dunno, maybe they went on hiatus, but this was definitely from this year and their website says current issue is from May, so...I assume it publishes 4 times a year or twice a year maybe?

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