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Jason Katims Adapting "About A Boy" For NBC


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Apr 4, 2004
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Jason Katims To Adapt ‘About A Boy’ As Comedy Series Project For NBC

EXCLUSIVE: Friday Night Lights and Parenthood developer/executive producer Jason Katims is returning to his comedy roots with About A Boy, a single-camera comedy based on the Nick Hornby book and 2002 movie. NBC has bought the project, from Katims’ True Jack Prods; Universal TV; and Working Title and Tribeca Prods, the companies that produced the Hugh Grant-starring feature. Written and executive produced by Emmy-winner Katims, About A Boy follows the relationship between a bachelor man-child and the young boy who moves in next door with his kooky single mother. Katims’ head of development, Michelle Lee, will serve as producer.

This is the second stab at developing About A Boy as a comedy series. In 2003, Fox ordered a presentation written by Matthew Carlson, directed by Ken Kwapis and starring Patrick Dempsey.

This marks the third sale for Uni TV-based True Jack Prods this season. The first, two — a Katims-penned spy dramedy and an edgy, legal romantic comedy penned by Sarah Watson — went to Fox.

While all of Katims’ shows carry his signature humor, he has been looking to do a half-hour comedy. When CAA-repped Katims started out as a playwright, many of his plays were comedies. His first feature, The Pallbearer, also was a comedy before he segued to more dramatic fare. I hear he liked About A Boy for his first half-hour comedy effort as it’s in line with the tone of his work, and he loves exploring surrogate father-son relationships on his shows.

Jon Favreau To Direct Jason Katims’ NBC Comedy Pilot ‘About A Boy’

EXCLUSIVE: Hot off directing the pilot for the highest-rated new fall series, drama Revolution, Jon Favreau is set to direct another NBC pilot, comedy About A Boy. The single-camera comedy, from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood executive producer Jason Katims, is based on the Nick Hornby book and the 2002 movie. Written and executive produced by Emmy-winner Katims, About A Boy follows the relationship between a bachelor man-child and the young boy who moves in next door with his kooky single mother. Katims’s head of development, Michelle Lee, serves as producer on the pilot, from Katims’ True Jack Prods; Universal TV; and Working Title and Tribeca Prods, the companies that produced the Hugh Grant-starring feature. Favreau serves as co-executive producer on the JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke NBC drama Revolution. On the feature side, the Iron Man director recently executive produced The Avengers and is now exec producing the upcoming Iron Man 3.
Love Katims' writing. I could see him taking elements of Parenthood and using them on this series. I'll be interested to see his approach to half-hour comedy instead of hour-long drama. Also interested to see how Favreau works out.
David Walton To Star In NBC Comedy Pilot ‘About A Boy’

David Walton is set as the lead in About A Boy, NBC’s single-camera pilot based on the Nick Hornby book and the 2002 movie. Written by from Friday Night Lights and Parenthood executive producer Jason Katims, and directed by Revolution’s Jon Favreau, About A Boy follows the relationship between a bachelor man-child (Walton) and the young boy who moves in next door with his kooky single mother. Michelle Lee, serves as producer on the pilot, from Katims’ True Jack Prods, Universal TV, Working Title and Tribeca Prods. Walton was among the most sought-after comedy actors this season, fielding multiple offers before settling on the role played by Hugh Grant in the 2002 movie. This marks his return to NBC where he starred opposite Amanda Peet in Bent last season. (He also toplined the network’s underrated comedy Perfect Couples.) Walton, who has been recurring on Fox’s New Girl, is with Gersh and Special Artists Agency.
Haha, as soon as his character left New Girl this week, I was like, "We'll be seeing him as the lead in some pilot this fall." He's the perfect choice for this, imo. I always loved this book, and this movie, so I'll definitely be checking this out.
Pilot Scoop: Minnie Driver Joins About a Boy

Minnie Driver has landed the female lead opposite Bent‘s David Walton in About a Boy, NBC’s Jason Katims-produced single-camera comedy pilot, TVLine has learned.

The project, based on the book and subsequent 2002 film starring Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult, centers on the relationship between a man-child (Walton) and the young boy who moves in next door.

Driver, who scored an Oscar nomination for 1997′s Good Will Hunting, will play the young boy’s eccentric, recently-divorced mother, Fiona. Her TV credits include guest stints on Will & Grace and Modern Family, and a starring role in FX’s The Riches.
I've read the book and seen the film and I just can't see this adapted as a comedy series.
Leslie Bibb has been tapped for a guest starring/recurring role in Jason Katims’ NBC comedy pilot About A Boy, which follows the relationship between Will (David Walton), a bachelor man-child who is going through a revolving door of women, and the young boy (Benjamin Stockham) who moves in next door with his kooky single mother, Fiona (Minnie Driver). Bibb plays a professional cello player and a single mother who becomes entangled with Will.
Love Bibb. :up:

Based on the best-selling Nick Hornby (“High Fidelity,” “An Education”) novel, written/produced by Jason Katims (“Friday Night Lights,” “Parenthood”) and directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man,” “Revolution”) comes a different kind of coming-of-age story. Will Freeman (David Walton, “Bent,” “Perfect Couples”) lives a charmed existence as the ultimate man-child. After writing a hit song, he was granted a life of free time, free love and freedom from financial woes. He’s single, unemployed and loving it. So imagine his surprise when Fiona (Minnie Driver, “Good Will Hunting,” “Barney’s Version”), a needy, single mom and her oddly charming 11-year-old son Marcus (Benjamin Stockham, “1600 Penn”) move in next door and disrupt his perfect world. When Marcus begins dropping by his home unannounced, Will’s not so sure about being a kid’s new best friend, until, of course, Will discovers that women find single dads irresistible. That changes everything and a deal is struck: Marcus will pretend to be Will’s son and, in return, Marcus is allowed to chill at Will’s house, play ping-pong and gorge on steaks, something his very vegan mom would never allow. Before he realizes it, Will starts to enjoy the visits and even finds himself looking out for the kid. In fact, this newfound friendship may very well teach him a thing or two that he never imagined possible — about himself and caring for others. Also starring are Al Madrigal (“Gary Unmarried”) and Anjelah N. Johnson-Reyes (“Our Family Wedding”). Katims, Favreau, Tim Bevan (“Les Misérables,” “About a Boy”), Eric Fellner (“Les Misérables,” “About a Boy”), Liza Chasin (“Les Misérables,” “About a Boy”), Robert De Niro (“About a Boy,” “Meet the Parents”) and Jane Rosenthal (“About a Boy,” “Meet the Parents”) serve as executive producers. “About a Boy” is a production of Universal Television, Working Title Films, True Jack Productions and Tribeca Productions.

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Looks great. Katims looks like he can handle writing comedy just as well as drama. I was about to chastise NBC for holding something this hilarious looking for midseason, but considering how the fall schedule turned out for the new NBC comedies, maybe it's better this way.

TCA: ‘About A Boy,’ ‘Parenthood’ To Share TV Universe At Crossover-Happy NBC

Looks like NBC‘s got crossover fever, not just in the crime drama department but in its comedy slate. A few hours after Chicago PD creator Dick Wolf teased that show’s upcoming crossovers with Chicago Fire and Law & Order: SVU, About A Boy EP Jason Katims revealed today at TCA that the new half-hour comedy does indeed exist in the same TV universe as his other San Francisco-set show, Parenthood. The small screen adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name premieres February 21 before settling into its Tuesday 9 PM slot and stars New Girl‘s David Walton as Will, a bachelor man-child who befriends the 11-year-old misfit kid next door (Benjamin Stockham) and his single mother Fiona (Minnie Driver). Walton popped up briefly this week on Parenthood to set up the bridge between the shows. “It turns out Will also has his own poker game so Dax Shepard will be making an appearance as Crosby Braverman on About A Boy,” said Katims.
Love hearing this. :up:
NBC's 'About a Boy': 'Parenthood' Crossovers and Five More Things to Know
4:28 PM PST 1/19/2014 by Lesley Goldberg

How does the Jason Katims comedy compare to the book and subsequent film? Will there be romance between the two adult leads? And how will music play a role in the freshman comedy?

NBC is looking to Parenthood boss Jason Katims to bring a new take on the family with its comedic take on Nick Hornby's novel and 2002 Hugh Grant feature film.

The series follows the relationship between bachelor man-child Will (Bent's David Walton) and young boy Marcus (1600 Penn's Benjamin Stockham) who moves in next door with his crazy, single mother Fiona (Minnie Driver).

For Katims, the series marks the Friday Night Lights alum's second show on NBC's lineup, joining Thursday family ensemble drama Parenthood. Here are six things to know about NBC's midseason comedy.

1. Moving beyond the book/film. The first episode encapsulates the plot of the book and movie and ends with the famed talent show where Will comes to Marcus' rescue. Katims told reporters Sunday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour that he wanted to get that story out of the way. "I thought we were going to do the pilot and be done with it," Katims joked. "We wanted to take what was so beautiful in the book and the movie -- something I really loved -- and honor that and then that would give us room to move forwad and tell new stories but make it our own."

2. There will be crossovers. While Walton recently guest starred on Parenthood, Dax Shepard's Crosby Braverman will make his way to the first-year comedy. "Because both shows are set in San Francisco and the Bay Area, it made sense that there would be [crossovers]," Katims said, noting both Will and Crosby are in the music business.

3. It's different from Parenthood and FNL. While all three shows have Katims' trademark emotional pull, the prolific showrunner noted he always wanted to do a comedy in which he could zero in on one central story. "What's exciting about the form is you have to tell these stories in such a streamlined way. After doing Parenthood and Friday Night Lights -- both of which were huge ensembles -- this is a very small ensemble and you get to focus on telling one story or maybe one story and an interrelated B story in an episode and that's very different than what I've been doing."

4. Expanding worlds. Leslie Bibb guest stars in the pilot as a potential love interest for Will and will be back -- as a friend for Fiona. Katims said it's part of expanding everyone's worlds and subsequent episdoes will also feature Marcus' (eventual) friends at school as well as Will's world. The series will also introduce the wife to Al Madrigal's Andy (Will's best friend), played by Bridesmaids' Annie Mumolo.

5. Don't expect romance for Will and Fiona. Katims said the focus of the series is Will and Fiona realizing that they need one another to help raise the best version of Marcus -- but that doesn't mean falling in love. "I look at it as a story about a family that will never admit they're a family," Katims said. "Will and Fiona will never admit that they need each other to help raise this boy. I don't see this becoming a romantic relationship between Will and Fiona anytime soon."

6. Every episode will be closed-ended. Katims said that he wanted every episode of the first season of the series to be closed-ended with a satisfying story while still growing his characters. "I want this show to be stories and characters that evolve over the season," he said.

Check out a new clip from the series, below. About a Boy premieres in February.
'Friday Night Lights' Reunion: Adrianne Palicki Joins NBC's 'About a Boy' (Exclusive)
10:58 AM PST 1/23/2014 by Lesley Goldberg

The actress will reunite with showrunner Jason Katims and recur as a love interest for David Walton's Will on the freshman comedy.

It didn't take long for About a Boy boss Jason Katims to recruit one of his Friday Night Lights co-stars to NBC's new freshman comedy.

Former Friday Night Lights co-star Adrienne Palicki has booked a guest arc on the comedy starring David Walton and Minnie Driver, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The series, based on Nick Hornby's novel and subsequent 2002 Hugh Grant feature film, follows the relationship between bachelor man-child Will (Bent's Walton) and a young boy, Marcus (1600 Penn's Benjamin Stockham), who moves in next door with his crazy single mother, Fiona (Driver).

Palicki will play Dr. Samantha Lake, a love interest for Will, and appear in a seven-episode arc of the comedy exec produced and written by her former FNL boss Katims.

The actress played Tyra Collette in more than 50 episodes of the NBC/DirecTV drama's five-season run. The casting not only marks a reunion for the actress with NBC, following FNL as well as the network's heavily scrutinized Wonder Woman pilot from David E. Kelley.

Repped by WME and Anonymous Content, Palicki's credits include G.I. Joe: Retaliation and G.I. Joe 3 as well as Legion and Robot Chicken.

For Katims, Palicki's role in About a Boy comes as the showrunner continues to populate his shows with familiar faces. Following Walton's guest appearance on last week's Parenthood, Dax Shepard's Crosby Braverman will return the favor and head to About a Boy.

Meanwhile, Katims' Parenthood has featured a number of former Friday Night Lights stars including Matt Lauria (Luke), who has recurred for the past two seasons; Minka Kelly (Lyla), Jurnee Smollett (Jess), Michael B. Jordan (Vince), Derek Phillips (Billy Riggins), Angela Rawna (Regina) and Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.).

About a Boy premieres in February on NBC.
The first episode is the whole book in one short go......

I think that's kind of the point.
I know but I was hoping for maybe 3 episodes to flesh it out a little.

Still sounds like an interesting show though.
Im unable to watch the trailer :(
'Veep' fave cast as Marcus's dad on 'About a Boy' -- EXCLUSIVE
By Sandra Gonzalez on Jan 30, 2014 at 7:58PM

NBC has recruited a Veep VIP to play Marcus’s dad on About a Boy.

EW has learned exclusively that Tony Hale has been tapped to guest star on the upcoming Jason Katims-produced comedy as a character named Hugh Womple, father to Benjamin Stockham’s Marcus and ex to Minnie Driver’s Fiona.

Though never introduced in the 2002 movie version starring Hugh Grant, Marcus’s father was a character who appeared in the book by Nick Hornby, on which both the movie and TV show are based.

Hale is best known for playing neurotic Buster Bluth on Arrested Development and currently appears on HBO’s Veep, playing the vice president’s (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) personal aide.

NBC’s About a Boy, which stars Stockham as the title character and David Walton as man-child Will Freeman, premieres Feb. 22.

I do have a little trouble believing that Minnie Driver ever would've slept with Buster Bluth, though... :o
Exclusive: Justified Baddie to Romance Minnie Driver on About a Boy
by Kate Stanhope

Will Sasso is wasting no time coming back from the dead.

The actor, whose Justified alter ego met his demise on Tuesday's episode, will guest-star on NBC's About a Boy, TVGuide.com has learned.

An adaptation of the 2002 film starring Hugh Grant, About a Boy stars David Walton as Will, an immature single man who befriends the young boy Marcus, much to the chagrin of Marcus' mom, Fiona (Minnie Driver).

Sasso will play a plumber who romances the high-strung Fiona. "Will learns that Fiona hasn't been on a date in a very long time and he sort of convinces her to get out there again," executive producer Jason Katims tells TVGuide.com. "She ends up dating her plumber, and it's just a really fun story of watching this woman start to get out there again." There is no airdate yet for Sasso's episode, titled "About a Plumber."

In addition to playing Canadian drug dealer Al Sura on the FX drama, Sasso is known for his stint on MADtv and his role as Curly in The Three Stooges remake.

About a Boy premieres on Saturday, Feb. 22 after the Olympics on NBC before moving to its regular timeslot on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

Are you excited to see Sasso woo Driver?

Pilot was pretty much exactly what I was expecting, and that's not bad. Can't wait to see the episodes to come. Hope it does well.
I'd say so.

UPDATE: NBC’s preview of new comedy About a Boy drew a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 8.3 million viewers from 11:05-11:30 PM, following the primetime coverage of the Sochi Olympics. Given how low NBC’s Olympics broadcast was last night (2.7 in 18-49 and 12.8 million viewers), About A Boy did respectable business, retaining 76% of its lead-in (2.9 for the Olympics’ 10:30-11 PM half-hour). The previous NBC comedy to get previewed in the same time slot following a regular night of Olympics coverage was Go On in summer 2012. It managed a 5.8 in 18-49 and 16.6 million total viewers but with a far larger lead-in, a 9.2 demo rating and 29.7 million viewers.
Huge fan of the movie, tuned in, and it's promising. Obviously, I'm pretty used to Hugh as Will, so it took some getting used to, but I think they do a good job of basically squeezing the events of the first movie (most of it) in the pilot, the changes done (haven't read the book, so just going by the movie) are pretty cool.

Walton & Stockham do a very good job, chemistry seems good, Stockham especially seems very promising. The pilot is good fun, well acted & written, very excited to see where they're gonna take this.
Liked the pilot. Walton and Driver are great, not sure so sure about Stockham yet although it might be unfair to compare him to Hoult.

Will definitely be Hulu'ing the rest of the season though.

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