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Jazewares MK: Deception Scorpion custom


Go away.
Aug 29, 2005
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Ok, like most of you I hate the way Jazewares just sort of threw crap plastic together for their MK line. So, rather then hide away the Scorpion I spent my hard earnd cash on, I figured to myself "I can rebuild him....make him better."

And that's what I did, took a bit longer then I thought it would (all day) but he's near completion. I still just have the "black gee" basepaint on him and a very light flesh tone on him (a darker tone will go on later) but he's coming along very well so far.

I took a spare ML Ult. Cap and.....pretty much repainted him. Cap is a perfect base body for Scorpion since Scorp is much bulkier then Sub-Zero (Jazewares had them around the same size.)

I don't have any pics of him yet, they'll come tomorrow. I was to do some updates to him later tonight, maybe get his skull head started (the flames on Movie Human Torch are very useful for this task) before I snap any photo's.

Should have some up tomorrow evening.
Heading up to my parents in an hour or so, and that's where I left the Digital.
VaderRISE said:
Heading up to my parents in an hour or so, and that's where I left the Digital.
man... I saw you had posted in the main forums.. I thought there would be pics when i opened the thread... **sigh**
Ha, I hope it lives up to the wait you guys had for it. Keep in mind I'm not finished...I'm never really EVER finished with my customs. I still probably have a week of work left on this guy. I'll be bringing out the detail on his little over-bib thing and might...MIGHT replace his hands with something from ML.

I still have to do some detail on the boots and make them look LESS like boots then they do. I can't do that though until I get some gold paint, which I'll pick up later in the week. I still have another coat of black to go on yet and a better "skin tone" color then what he has now. I also have to get some new brushes because the lines on his armor that need brought out are TO thin for any of my current brushes.

Again, he's no where near finished, and I'll update the thread as he gets closer and closer to completion. This, right now is to just show is posability.



Even though the pics are fuzzy, it looks like you're heading in the right direction.
Gonna attempt him yes, I'm currently out of ML to cusomize though. The biggest problem with Sub will be his boots/pants. I hate sculpting parts out of scratch but with him, I'll probably have to.
yeah, i've never tried to cusomize anything before because i'd probably just make something crappy and end up wasting a perfectly good figure. but more power to you if you have the ablity to do so.
Nope, it's from the second wave (I think?) The wave also included Sub-Zero, Raiden, and Baraka.
I wasn't sure if the Lui Kang/Kung Lao two pack that you guy with a pre-order of MK: Shoalin Monks counted or not. Anyway, after I finish up with Scorpion I'm going to put Sub-Zero on hold and work on a Kratos custom (God of War) using a Wonderman body.

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