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May 9, 2002
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I heard they almost had Anthony Hopkins play Jor-el before they decided to just use old Marlon Brando. If they did have an actor replace Brando, who would be some of your best choices. Sorry, I ment to to allow to vote for more than, but I forget. And they won't edit the polls after you post them.
Um, he's a little too old. I think Jor-el should look like a guy from his late 30s to late 40s. Maybe early 50s. Even though some of the actors are much older, they could look that young.
Didn't realize it 'til I saw his name on there, but I think Rutget Hauer would've been a good choice.
I want to know what was the person taken when they said Kelsey Grammer. He wouldn't play a good Ma Kent let alone Jor
Either Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Irons, or Liam Neeson. Ones of those can do it. They have the quality of Jor El.
Liam, or if you were going "Birthright" style, then Kurt Russell could be good
I voted for Hopkins, but I think it should be someone a bit younger. I didn't feel any of the other choices in the poll were right though.
anthony Hopkins if he's playing Grandpa-El.
create the face of a CGI marlon brando and cast a person who can replicate his voice.

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