JUN/JUL 2012 Fan Art Contest Voting Thread


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Apr 29, 2004
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Great turnout this month! And some amazing pieces of art.

This is where you vote for your favorite. The person with the most votes is the winner. In the event of a tie, we will have a tiebreaker voting poll.

Voting ends August 15
Group 1:


I was treating my Bruce Wayne as the Michael Jackson of his world. Adopting kids into his life, dressing up, trying to get back the childhood that was taken from him when he was 8.


Group 4

Loved the look of the Burton films :) so..
Here's my entry

Here's my entry, sketched it last night at work. Lifted from a rumored scene in the new movie and I just imagined how it would play out in my head.


Here's my entry, I was going to make all the screens uniform but the actual editing file has vanished from my computer :argh: but this is still pretty much done.

This is a kinda quick project I did on my tablet. I call it, "Dark Mite Rises."

I drew this a day before the midnight premier:

Ok, so eledoremassis02 won my vote this contest, not only is his art one of the many greats here, but his inspiration by the Burton films is grand, and I'm sort of biased
few more days to vote people!
I voted for eledoremassis02. It was close one though. I really liked shinlyle's, vicariou5's, and batmanforlife's fan art. I went with eledoremassis02's. I enjoyed the stealthy portray of Batman, along with the gloomy and dark environment.

I am not a fan of the PhotoShop works, and I am not sure why they have so many votes. I much prefer the ones that are actual creative drawn art.

All in all, I appreciate everyones effort. It was a joy looking at all the Fan Arts. Keep up the good work and good luck to all of you.
That tekken one was by far my favorite.
Not sure if it's been said why but is there no contest for August?
Our winner is....


thank you everyone for participating. i hope to see many more turnouts as we resume the contests in September

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