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World Kevin Anderson writes more Superman 'First Encounter'


fear is the mind killer
Aug 8, 2004
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While I'm editing the fourth draft of PAUL OF DUNE, I just wanted to pass along several new items on the "Superman" front.
DC and HarperCollins have just sent me the truly gorgeous new artwork for the paperback version of LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON. It's really spectacular. The paperback is due to be released in September.


Also, I am hard at work on my next novel in the DC Universe -- FIRST ENCOUNTER, the story of the very first meeting between Superman and Batman, set during the late 1950s at the height of the Cold War and the flying saucer craze, with Lex Luthor actively promoting tensions with the Soviet Union so he can reap profits in the arms race, and only Wayne Enterprises can stand against his ambitions... And the Daily Planet assigns Clark Kent to investigate Project Blue Book and all those UFO sightings, while he secretly hopes to find evidence that he is not, in fact, the only survivor of Krypton. FIRST ENCOUNTER is scheduled for publication in Summer 2009.

And finally, for those of you who would like to read a different take on the origin of Superman, I highly recommend Tom de Haven's wonderful book IT'S SUPERMAN! Ambitious, beautifully written, and moving.

-- KJA

I enjoyed LDOK so Im really looking forward to this one as well.:up:
I will never understand why Kevin Anderson still makes money with his writing :dry:

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