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Last TV Show You Watched: The Next Next NEXT Generation! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 25

The Gentlemen season 1 episode 1 "Refined Aggression"

SWITCHED / "Sora o Kakeru Yodaka" (宇宙を駆けるよだか) (Netflix)

This show is a common storyline of someone who switches bodies with someone else, but with a twist. In this case, an unpopular girl steals a popular classmate’s body.

The show focus on Kohinata Ayumi (played by Kiyohara Kaya), who was the once popular student and how she must now cope with her new body, try to get back to her own, and figure out who really cared for her and not just for her looks.

One of the aspects I found refreshing in this story was the fact that Ayumi was not a mean character. Many times, in body switching type stories, the popular girl would have been cruel and would have previously bullied the unpopular girl. That was not the case in this show. Ayumi was sweet, and truly cared for her friends and boyfriend.

This show was in no way the best show drama I have ever seen but it was short (only 6 episodes), addictive, and totally binge-worthy.

Of one of the male leads, I especially like Kaga-kun (played by Johnny's West member, Shigeoka Daiki). And I also like the mystery, and twists. I went into this show having low expectations but ended up truly enjoying it! The acting was great, the storyline was interesting, and the characters were very relatable and likeable.

9 / 10
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