Like or Dislike - Part 1

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Pigging out on Thanksgiving?
Love, Love, Love!!!:D

Female Mudd/Oil Wrestling?
Oil wrestling yeah, mud not really lol

Breast or butt implants that are waaaay to big and look like they hurt more than help lol.

Wondering why people go out all when getting those kinds of operation

thinking people only like you for your looks

women who botox their facial features

Wanting to be something you are not
like... always try to aspire to something better if possible...

donating part of your lottery winnings to a worthwhile charity or cause...
dislike... people that play the lotto and are waiting in line in front of you deciding what they want to play when you only have one or two items are the most rudest and most arrogant sons of *****es I've ever met...

having your face and name shown if you win the lottery
like... hey, at some places they serve up some pretty good chow...

interstate greasy spoon diners
Like, now that's where the good food is, not those rotating hot dogs, corn dogs, pizza, and breakfast sandwiches.

Being a lazy a** on the weekends

some nasty (good) chili with chopped onions, jalapenos, a touch of garlic and a bit of cheese and spices along with a good ale...

some mighty fine explosive gas-passing there... :wow: :woot:

Big Mexican burritos, and quesadillas at a restaurant that you put together yourself
LOVE... sounds like a Mexican Subway of a sort... what's it called?

franchise Mex restaurants
Depends on the restaurant. I will eat Taco Bell, but I prefer some traditional Mexican owned restaurants.

Quidoba and Chipotle are like mexican subways, but i was speaking of the restaurants that you sit down in and put the food together yourself that they give you.

japanese sushi
I HATE Taco Bell except for that Steak Burrito Grande... no Quidoba here but Chipotle here sucks... Pepe's tacos are ok, but WAY too damn expensive here... REAL taquerias are the best...

HATE sushi.. gross raw ****...

French food... and not french fries, wiseguy... lol...
I enjoy french food, but not a lot of "french" specific places here.

I prefer Chipotle to Quidoba here though.

Live sports games.
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