Like or Dislike - Part 2

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Windows 8 depending on if you have ever used it?
Not sure have not used it. How is it? It looks like the Windows phone and I'm not sure how I feel about the look although I've heard the new Windows phone is good. Even Wozniak said he liked it.

touch pad computers?
Cool gadget, but i wouldn't buy one for myself.

Harvey's burger

Boo raisin pie. Dislike

Sweet Potato is the best.

Anywho, rainy days
Dislike. I hate being stuck in the house..and the cold...and rain.

Cats :woot:
love... cause they're so arrogant and independent and you don't have to walk them out in the rain or at anytime, because they KNOW what to do and where to go and can clean up after themselves... unlike the dumb animal known as dog...


going out for a nice long walk as it's snowing light and steady in the evening...

Christmas Shopping
lol according to who Santa is... might like

Being Santa's elf
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