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Little Big Planet: Enemies, objectives, In game death, new footage, Spring Beta?


Jul 19, 2002
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Beat the level before time runs out, without getting hurt by the lava & dodging the obstacles. Awesome stuff.

Media Molecule has discussed the possibility of a beta in the late spring, SCEA tells Shacknews, though nothing is set in stone at this time. The company also clarified that the fall Blu-ray release will be global.

During a real-time demonstration of Media Molecule's highly-anticipated user-driven cooperative platformer LittleBigPlanet (PS3) today at a Sony event at CES in Las Vegas, it was revealed that the game is currently planned for a fall 2008 release. Previously, the game was expected early this year.


At one point, the game froze mid-demonstration, prompting a representative to note that LittleBigPlanet has not yet reached alpha state. Alpha generally designates a game that is largely feature-complete but still not stable.

Also, in-game death!

It was also announced that players will now be able to die in the game, perhaps in response to concerns that LittleBigPlanet's open nature and player-driven levels would otherwise have a lack of tension.

Probably the second game that I will be getting on PS3 this year.
The fact that it's not just "make objects controlled by physics" seals the deal for me. I just hope enemies will be 'programable' to some degree.
has anyone seen the last slew of littlebigplanet vids from gametrailers.com? man those guys can't play for $#!+. i'd hate to see them play the 2D Mario games...
Release date confirmed for September. Good news.
considering the original release was quarter 1 2008, i'd say that's bad news....but whatever. i'm just hope the wait is worth it. i'm starting to get a "spore" vibe from littlebigplanet.

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