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Jul 29, 2003
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No thread about this show? No one else watches it? It's going on second season now and it's a good show IMO
How is Katee Sackhoff in this show?

Just watched the first episode on Netflix. I didn't think I would like it, and I'm not sure that I do, but it seems okay.
this is a really good show... I had never heard of it before and I happened to run into the first episode of a 10 ep season one marathon, liked it so much,that I watched the entire marathon and ended up loving it...

the real star of this show is the actor playing Longmire himself, Robert Taylor... Katee Sackhoff is pretty good, as well...

the second season starter was on a couple of days ago, and I'll be checking this out again...
Just started watching the 1st season on NetFlix. This is an awesome series.
The third season premiered last night. They teased out Longmire's wife and what really happened without giving us new details. The rest of the department now knows the truth (or slightly less than we do anyways) and they resolved what happened with Branch where they cliffhangered him, although that's also (obviously) the start of another investigation.
Damn I forgot. Oh well, On Demand here I come.
Season 2 is up on Netflix for those who missed it or want to rewatch it.:)
Katee Sackhoff hottest butch chick in history.
Oh yes!!!

She needs to be Ms Marvel or some hero.
That is a genuinely desirable lady.

She so pretty
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It's a damned good show... A little slow at times,but a damned good show...
The pace is slow but it isn't plodding and it isn't boring. They've gone through I think a few days time in each season, with occasional jumps. It's almost like 24 in that the events occur close together during the course of the season although not in a single day obviously.
I saw that yesterday. Hope isn't lost though since it's being shopped around to another network with more sense than cancelling their top scripted show.
Yeah this sucks. Falling skies jumps the shark but gets renewed . Me and a buddy are not happy. Katee Sackhoff is still the hottest butch chick on earth.
I am beyond pissed at this. Mostly because I expected it from the stupid channel. That being said, I still have some hope with potentially being picked up.

Netflix's official teaser trailer for Season 4 (mostly showing scenes from seasons 1-3 and advertising that they're available for streaming now and noting when season 4 premiers.... but I love how they stylized the visuals on this - the choice of music is good too)

Season 4 goes up on Netflix on September 10 :)

YES!!! FINALLY A DATE!!! YES!! So excited for this. :yay:
Longmire Season 4 Trailer

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