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Action-Adventure Mad Max: Furiosa Spinoff

Rewatched Fury Road yesterday, it still rules. Also I always forget it's only 2 hours long. It's a shame nothing in Furiosa so far has gotten me super excited for it visually.

This scene with the score pumping all over it....... Man, you just dont get TLC like that outside of a few films these days. Ive heard the score in Furiousa isn't anything to write home about which is a damn shame tbh. Moderated expectations for me on Saturday morning but i hope its a cinematic experience at least. Fury Road really was a event when i watched it on the silver screen.

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Rotten Tomatoes
(151 reviews)
Average Rating: 8.1 out of 10
Fresh: 133
Rotten: 18
Another 100 on Metacritic. 11 in total.
Metacritic = 80 (44 reviews)
38 positive / 6 mixed / 1 negative
100 from:

- Empire
- The Independet
- Slashfilm
- The Telegraph
- Consequence
- Observer
- LarsenOnFilm
- The Seattle Times
- Original-Cin
Box office wise here are the different predictions out there for the opening weekend:

4 day OW:
BOP - 45 - 55M
Variety - 40 - 45M
Deadline - 40M+

3 day OW:
BOP - 40 - 50M
This scene with the score pumping all over it....... Man, you just dont get TLC like that outside of a few films these days. Ive heard the score in Furiousa isn't anything to write home about which is a damn shame tbh. Moderated expectations for me on Saturday morning but i hope its a cinematic experience at least. Fury Road really was a event when i watched it on the silver screen.

That scene was amazing and still gives me goosebumps to this day.
For what it's worth:
Furiosa's first day in France: 71,267 tickets sold (including 24,971 tickets from previews)
Fury Road: 270,000 tickets.
Dune Part Two : 261,000 tickets.

Personally, I'll only be going to see the film in a few weeks' time.
Although I saw Fury Road a few years ago, I'm still discovering the original trilogy and I want to savor it all before going to see that new opus.
I also like to go and see films in almost empty cinemas to make sure I'm not disturbed...
Have my day planned. Hair cut in the morning. Furiosa that early afternoon. Wild Wings afterwards. LETS GO!
Rotten Tomatoes
(151 reviews)
Average Rating: 8 out of 10
Fresh: 154
Rotten: 20

Metacritic = 79 (58 reviews)
49 positive / 8 mixed / 1 negative
100 from:

- Empire
- The Independet
- Slashfilm
- The Telegraph
- Consequence
- Observer
- LarsenOnFilm
- The Seattle Times
- Original-Cin

Well I guess I was on to something all along when I predicted a while back that the overall RT rating would likely go up based on how high the Average Rating was. It’s now at 89. The highest it has ever been was at the very beginning when it hit 90.
I really hope Furiosa can perform decently at the box office. I like the cast and director involved and it would be nice to see them not only get an acclaimed film under their belts but also a profitable one.

I always wanted this to succeed, I loved FR, I didn’t mind ATJ taking the role of Furiosa at all, I was really looking forward to seeing CH as Dementus and just wanted to revisit that world and meet those characters once again. I didn’t necessarily want another Fury Road either and I adjusted my expectations with the visuals from the trailers… Unfortunately in the end it just didn’t work for me and it sucks that that was the case.

A few more observations about the film and my experience watching it.

- CH Dementus was really good as was the Young Furiosa. ATJ and Tom Burke where also good.
- The action was inventive and interesting as only GM can provide.
- Some really cool visuals… Some beautiful, others quirky and others haunting.
- A bit more of Gas Town and The Bullet Farm.
- The actor that played Immortan Joe was really good.
- I liked the History Man as well.
- CH’s wife was also pretty good too.
- I like seeing a better glimpse at the green place.

My biggest gripe with the film ended up being the visuals even though I didn’t mind that much the stuff we saw in the trailers and even adjusted my expectations going into it as well. The problem was that they used way too much CGI in basically everything and I just couldn’t get into it in many instances.

The movie became a video game. The action was cool in places but the amount of green screen/backgrounds, overuse of CGI was just too damn much… It was cartoony and very distracting. So many examples to choose from.

The pacing or structure of the film was a mess as well. The jumps in time were not well executed imo. The chapters were uneven… it could’ve been done so much better.

The movie was also really chocking and brutal in parts. It was dark and really weird in some instances. A bit too much for my taste.

It looked to me like they had reshot parts of the final confrontation. Also seemed to me like they used CGI to recreate the Bullet Farmer’s face since the actor passed away.

That last scene it looks like they CGI’ed Charlize Theron’s face into Furiosa when she took the wives or they reused other footage. And showing images from Fury Road as the credits role? Seriously? C’mon man…

Now comparing Furiosa with Fury Road is just unfathomable for me. Comparing it favorably to FR is downright inexcusable imo.
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My showing is in 30 mins. I didn't get a chance to rewatch Fury Road this week, but that's okay. I have seen it many times. I will watch it maybe after the youngest's birthday party this weekend. Very excited though!
Just got back from Furiosa.

I really liked it. I didn't go in expecting another Fury Road, and it isn't another Fury Road. But that's okay. That one is in a league of its own. What this is, is a wonderful companion piece to Fury Road. To be honest, I thought it delivered in one important area that I desperately wanted more of in Fury Road, which is world building.

I was floored that Anya Taylor Joy didn't show up until an hour into the movie and I wasn't even bothered by it. Both actresses were great as Furiosa. Hemsworth was so good as Dementus that he dominated that first hour anyway. He was such a good villain that he almost made Immortan Joe and his crew look normal by comparison, but I guess that was also kind of the point. They weren't meant to be the threat here. I also found myself taking a liking to Praetorian Jack and I wish we had seen more of him.

Even though I thought the visual effects were more realistic and the cinematography a bit more breathtaking in Fury Road, I still quite liked the look of Furiosa overall.

My only real gripes with it were all things I can let slide, such as certain plot points that felt glossed over or underdeveloped. For example, I wish we could have seen more of Dementus running Gastown. I also thought it was a little farfetched how easy a time Furiosa had escaping the life of being one of Joe's wives without any kind of later retribution from Joe himself. Then there's little nitpicky things like, why does Furiosa suddenly have an American accent as an adult? I was also expecting Scrotus to be killed in this since he plays no part in Fury Road but that never came. I'm aware that the character, or at least a version of him, appears in the Mad Max video game but I didn't think that was actually canon. Is that the reason why his fate wasn't shown here?

And speaking of Scrotus, I wish I hadn't seen that Beavis & Butthead SNL sketch before this because this was all I could see every time he was on screen:

Screen Shot 2024-05-23 at 7.48.42 PM.png


Overall I'd rank it second only behind Dune: Part Two for 2024. Not quite on the same level as Fury Road but personally I preferred it to the Mel Gibson Mad Max movies.
I liked Furiosa quite a bit. Something that I have to say right away is that Fury Road is entirely integral to what this movie is and what it's attempting to be, so I'll be mentioning it a lot. I think most of my gripes with the film come from the fact that the wait was so long. Nine years for a companion piece doesn't seem right, but of course, such a long wait wasn't the plan, and ultimately, it is what it is.

The sound design is king. The roaring of the engines is powerful and downright otherworldly at times. The sound design has such a central role in the audiovisual collage of the film that Tom Holkenborg's score seems almost like an afterthought. These aren't his best themes, and at times I thought the music was simply loud, not so much memorable or even enjoyable.

The trailers had me a little bit worried about the cinematography, but luckily my worries ended up being mostly unfounded. The raw and gritty visual style of Fury Road has been largely replaced by a digital, CGI-driven sheen. The film still looks and feels magnificent. There are a few exceptions, particularly in the first War Rig action sequence, which at times looks a little bit off.

There's an element of redundancy to the movie that is new to the Mad Max franchise. It's a true prequel in the sense that it's all about enhancing Fury Road and Furiosa as a character. It isn't particularly interested in introducing new concepts, characters, or iconography, which I thought was a little bit of a shame. It's exciting to see all those cool things I'm already really into, but after nine years, I think I would've preferred to fall in love with something new. I adore the War Boys, and I liked seeing them back. They can be really cool visually, and I love their odd culture. My favorite guy, Immortan Joe, is also back, and the new actor does a great job with the role. He looks very much the same, but the voice is different. Still good, though.

Chris Hemsworth steals the show, which I didn't see coming. Dementus is an exciting antagonist, and Hemsworth clearly had the time of his life playing this lunatic. Anya Taylor-Joy is excellent, but I found it a little bit jarring that the character seems so different compared to Charlize Theron's Furiosa. It's almost like a Gibson-Hardy switch-up instead of an exact portrayal of the same character. That aspect I don't necessarily love, as everything else in the movie is dressed very much in Fury Road's image. I also think that Theron could have returned to the role with very little effort. Perhaps doing it with three actors could've been the most fruitful way to approach it and would've only enhanced the story's approach as an odyssey of this character. I also want to mention Tom Burke's great performance as Praetorian Jack. He added heart and charisma to the film.

The action is very cool, the film is visually arresting, and the story is as interesting as it is gruesome. George Miller is in excellent shape as a filmmaker, and I hope there's more Mad Max ahead; no one else does it quite like him. I can't wait to do a proper double feature of Fury Road and Furiosa, such an event is written in the stars.
I saw it. Or rather, I experienced it.

Well that was definitely ‘Mad’...you could say. A modern western in the wasteland. Extremely ambitious filmmaking, maybe among the most ambitious ever. While Fury Road ( :up::up: ) was a taut, narrow movie in comparison, the scope of Furiosa is much grander. Director George Miller takes everything he learned on the old Mad Max movies and marries it with the new. Reach exceeded grasp here and there (uncanny) probably because of budget to scope ratio, it’s a little long and somewhat episodic, like The Northman meets Fury Road, and I was already tired before hitting the theater and then stuffing myself with food and by the end I was exhausted but that is at least half my own fault.

Anya was good as the new Furiosa, as was Alyla Brown, her performance relied upon her expressions and body language and actions more than words as the Furiosa character is just not a chatterbox, Hemsworth was eating it up as a wannabe desert emperor with a lot more dialogue. There's a few humorous moments that had the audience laughing. I will see it again eventually. :up:
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Very much enjoyed it. I don't think it's Fury Road or Road Warrior good. But this was still great. Hemsworth is having a ball and Anya does a great job here as well. Solid companion piece to Fury Road.

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