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Mad Max: Fury Road and Happy Feet 2


Jun 29, 2004
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Got this off one of my blog-feeds. Check it out.

Mad Max 4 is back on!
Date : October 25, 2007 Writer : Clint Morris

After several false starts, one major budget blowout and a thrillion chuckles, George Miller’s “Mad Max 4 : Fury Road” is finally juiced and ready to go. Its production quarters re-opened at Fox Studios in Sydney this week.

One of Moviehole’s longest - not as in length (well not that we know of) but in terms of how good he has been to us over the years (setting up set visits.. basically giving us access to things we normally couldn’t have gotten) – friends called today from the lot to let us know that “Fury Road” has finally got a greenlight, with pre-production commencing immediately.

It sounds as if Miller will be working on this film, and “Justice League” concurrently – the latter is also set up at Fox Studios – as well as…. “Happy Feet 2”.

Yep, work has also begun – albeit slowly – on a sequel to Milller’s uber-successful penguin flick but since the first one took four years to make don’t look for this one in theatres anytime soon.

Our colleague has discovered that ‘’Kennedy Miller is dancing with VFX and animation houses for both Mad Max 4 and Happy Feet 2. As far as I know the plan is to do all the animation for Happy Feet 2 in Australia, but not necessarily at Animal Logic (who did the first one). I'd guess that Mad Max 4 will be shot in Namibia as per the original plans (blown out by the Iraq invasion). In terms of release time - it took 4 years to make the original Happy Feet.”

He even speculates that ‘’Mad Max 4 : Fury Road’’ will be released before “Justice League”… but that’s a guess based on how fast the former seems to be moving forward (and no, he doesn’t have any information on “Justice League”). Of course, they have to find a new 'Mad Max' first - with Miller telling Moviehole recently that he won't be using Mel Gibson again, but a younger face.

This is 100% solid information…. The same tipster was the one that broke the news initially that “Mad Max 4” had shut down…. so start practicing those bike moves peoples, George Miller might just be calling on you shortly.

Thanks ‘Sir Summer’ - http://www.moviehole.net/news/20071025_mad_max_4_is_back_on.html

This is great news for both franchises, if it's true, and it looks to be. This makes me wonder, though, how the ol' doc's gonna do all three films at the same time.
Mad Max without Mel doesnt interest me at all...it's like Die Hard without Bruce Willis...
Yeah, no Mel means no DOG LIPS. :down
I really wish they didn'y make Mad Max; Beyond Thunderdome. It wasen't even supposed to be a Mad Max film, it was supposed to be some crappy kiddies film but they just stuck Max in there for no reason. And since Miller only directed the action scenes in it, he must have had an easy job.
Mad Max without Mel doesnt interest me at all...it's like Die Hard without Bruce Willis...

Yup! I can't picture anyone else as Max. I hope he returns in the fourth, and I hope it's nothing like Mad Max 3.
Ugh, get outta here you greedy ****! :cmad:

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